Webcast - 8 do's and don'ts for building a private cloud storage solution

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Executive Summary

If you’ve spent any time in IT these last few years, you’ve noticed this one little detail: users are storing a whole lot of stuff. Back in the day, users were storing just text-based documents and databases with rows and columns. That sure isn’t the case anymore. Now, users are storing billions of pictures, videos, illustrations, mapping data, and even objects destined for 3D printing. It’s even a bigger challenge because now that most users are mobile, they’re expecting their IT operations to also provide their primary storage – and make it available from anywhere.

Month-by-month, more data has to be given a home than the previous month. Plus, all the data that’s already been stored has to be managed along with the tsunami of new data. It’s one of the IT manager’s biggest challenges.

You won’t want to miss "8 do's and don'ts for building a private-cloud storage solution," an interactive webcast about how to implement your own private cloud storage solution.

  • Learn about the types and tiers of storage, so you can optimize what you provide for the best performance and the least cost.
  • Discover the newest techniques for storage virtualization and managing storage flexibility.
  • Explore best and worst practices, and learn what to do (and what not to do) when buying, building and configuring your own in-house storage solutions.
Don’t miss "8 do's and don'ts for building a private-cloud storage solution,” an interactive webcast featuring CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise (the classic book that served as a foundation for today's agile business movement). Join us and learn the eight most important do’s and don’ts that can save you and your company time and money – and keep your stress level at a minimum.

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