Webinar: Navigating the Desktop Virtualization Landscape

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Executive Summary

Desktop virtualization encompasses a rapidly changing set of technologies, and according to Forrester, it's an area that's moving to the forefront of computing. As a result of this fast-changing landscape, new products are released in the marketplace every 60-90 days. These products offer options for application virtualization, profile virtualization, container virtualization, session management, server-side desktops, client-side desktops, offline desktops, thick clients, thin clients and even 'Zero' clients. This explosion of new technology is driven by enterprises' desire to benefit from the same efficiencies in desktop virtualization that they now achieve with server virtualization. The attendee will hear key trends in desktop virtualization technology and how that technology maps to specific enterprise-use cases. The attendee will learn how desktop virtualization is already being used by various enterprises.

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