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When Times Get Tough, the Tough Get Tuning: Improve the Performance of Your Linux Systems

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Executive Summary

If one is planning to improve the performance of the linux systems, then check out this webcast presented by Dee-Ann LeBlanc, a course developer for Splunk, an IT search company. She presents this web cast in a very unique way and one can learn, how to break down performance, into four major areas, and how to determine the reason for slow performance, and she also offers great tips on how to improve in each of these areas. She has written computer books, over three-hundred articles. She's also a firm believer at not just throwing money-in terms of extra hardware and bandwidth-at every performance issue until one knows what's behind it. When she's not breaking down information into teachable pieces, Dee-Ann plays with her four dogs, spends time with her husband, or takes a break to play some games. This 60 minutes video is the best to watch if one really wants to improve the performance of the Linux systems.

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