Windows 7 - A New Wireless Security Risk to the Enterprise

There was a New Wireless Security Risk to the Enterprise edition of windows when it was launched in November 2009, and not many have written about this issue, or how vulnerable the issue is. This webcast discusses the application which has the capability to turn the employees' Wi-Fi enabled corporate notebooks into APs behind one's back, without any hardware, or software. External clients and users who are unauthorized can use the Wi-Fi using this AP soft, and can now easily access enterprise resources. They are considered as the ghost users, riding behind the Windows 7 clients who can any time hack into the wired, and the wireless networks .Through this webcast, one can learn the three steps that converts any Windows 7 system into a wireless threat, and try to protect it, and why one won't know that enterprise data, and wired network can be at risk ,why is it not possible for the802.1X/NAC security defense to protect you, and Why is that the only Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) mitigates this threat.

Provided by: AirTight Networks Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: Webcast

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