Wireless Security: The Easiest PCI Investment to Justify

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Executive Summary

As there is development in technology there is simultaneous growth of various risks that are connected to the industry. This webcast offers the attendee information regarding the Wireless Security, and many more things that are related to this issue. The webcast is presented by John Kindervag who is the Senior Analyst of Forrester Research, and Mike Baglietto who is Director of Product Marketing Airtight Networks. This webcast offers the attendee the insight, and the opportunity to learn TJX case from the perspective of dollars, and sense. An in-depth review on the PCI DSS Wireless Guideline was released last year which wanted to dispel the confusion that were related to wireless LAN security risks, and the enterprises on a large scale are still not giving importance to the security requirements, and they fall prey to old WLAN systems. An Integrated, and at the same time very cost effective solution for WLAN performance, and the security issues related to it.

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