Workplace Mobility - A Unique Technology for Access Provisioning

Date Added: May 2010
Format: Webcast

With the access to the application, is it possible to control a function better? Does one like to learn more about this issue, and access more about the provision for the mobile workflow? Then, this is the right choice, and this webinar helps the attendee discuss the process to examine the various challenges that people face in today's rapidly changing workplace. Through this webinar, one can explore Claims Based Provisioning, and how it enables the delivery of the sort of Role Based Access companies which have been searching for. This webinar provides a demonstration of the AppGate which walks you through the policy setting, and resulting user experience. One can see from the webinar, how one can save both in terms of money, and time in abundance through the policy based access, at the same time know how you will able to solve the issues related to control reporting and compliance.