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10 Principles of Radio Advertising that Apply to Effective Voice Mail

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Executive Summary

Some principles from the "Science" of radio advertising that can make one's voice mail "Commercial" more effective are mentioned in this paper. These include linking specific benefits directly to the listener's needs because with radio one had only a few precious seconds to create interest. Attention spans are short in general and even shorter when people are listening on the telephone. Hence the listener should receive the most important details early in the message when his or her listening is at peak efficiency. The second is to visualize the target market to think about whom one is calling. Much like radio advertising, a voice mail always identifies the target market and then communicates as if that customer was standing right in front of the announcer. The third is to provide the listener with an outline of the message. If several points are to be communicated and some are more actionable or more important than others, tell the listener up front. This will help position one's thoughts and manage the listener's expectations. Fourthly, summarize the single most important point at the end of the message. It is helpful to let the listener know what the main feature of the product is. Stand out by acting uniquely or differently from other callers or advertisers. This helps a lot and humor is a key tool here. Other principles for effective radio advertising include using the person's name in the message at the very beginning of the communication; leaving one's phone number with the message, if possible; not reading from a prepared script; and a confident tone.

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