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  • Sponsored By Workday // Jun 2015

    Cloud Compitung: A Silver Bullet For Finance?

    The benefits of cloud computing—a high return on investment, greater staff efficiencies, optimization of IT resources, and enhanced visibility and access to information— have piqued the interest of CFOs and finance leaders who are actively evaluating the risks versus the rewards of the cloud delivery model. Read more...

  • Sponsored By Workday // Jun 2015

    Workday: Innovation in Financial Management

    Businesses today have an alternative to legacy ERP. Workday is leading the charge with revolutionary innovation that can give businesses a real competitive edge by modelling the way that businesses operate and providing the flexibility to fit your unique business requirements today, and, perhaps more importantly, as they change over...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Jun 2015

    Data Protection: Quality Plus Fast ROI

    Too many organizations today struggle with backup and recovery solutions that not only fail in their primary mission of reducing the risk of data loss but also cost far too much — in wasted IT staff time, reduced employee productivity, monthly fees and ever-growing storage requirements. You need reliable, automated...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Jun 2015

    Downtime Costs How Much? Calculating the Business Value of Disaster Recovery

    There is misalignment between what the business expects and what IT can actually deliver — especially when it comes to disaster recovery. Following these nine steps can help you organize your thoughts, ask the right questions and develop the right strategy to begin taking a more business-centric approach to disaster...

  • Sponsored By Workday // Jun 2015

    6 Must Haves Modern Financial Management Systems UK

    The financial system you are running today can probably trace its heritage back to the ‘80s and ‘90s. Since then, the needs of finance organisations have changed dramatically, but financial systems have failed to adapt at the core. Built to serve only the most basic requirements, these systems weren’t designed...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Jun 2015

    Redefining Your Data Protection Strategy: Focus on Recovery

    IT managers must contend with growing expectations from their end users and need to evaluate innovative new backup approaches to meet these needs. Purpose-built backup appliances are an increasingly popular storage technology that enables IT managers to meet their needs for a cost-efficient, easy to deploy and use data protection...

  • Sponsored By F5 Networks // Jun 2015

    Protect Against Evolving DDoS Threats: The Case for Hybrid

    CIOs want harmony. Security directors loathe point products. Network operations won’t buy into anything new. CIOs can get the harmony they need around DDoS mitigation by extending the F5 Application Delivery Controller into a hybrid solution: on-premises with a new cloud component.

  • Sponsored By F5 Networks // Jun 2015

    Complying with PCI DSS 3.0

    New PCI DSS standards are designed to help organizations keep credit card information secure, but can cause expensive implementation challenges. The F5 PCI DSS 3.0 solution allows organizations to protect cardholder data and remain in compliance while cutting costs, increasing efficiencies, and simplifying their network infrastructure.

  • Sponsored By F5 Networks // Jun 2015

    Deploying an Enterprise Mobility Gateway

    More enterprises are granting greater access to corporate resources—wherever they may be located—for authorized users through an ever-increasing number of mobile devices. An Enterprise Mobility Gateway helps organizations scale, manage, secure, optimize, and control today’s required anytime, anywhere network, cloud, and application access.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Jun 2015

    Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

    Enterprise backup is among the oldest, most-performed tasks for IT professionals. Gartner provides analysis and evaluation of the leading providers that offer a range of traditional to innovative recovery capabilities. In this report Gartner positioned EMC as the leading provider for backup solutions. Download this report today and learn the...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Jun 2015

    Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances

    Deduplication backup target appliances have played an instrumental role in reducing or eliminating tape for backup. This Gartner report analyses the performance of different vendors, and describes the advantages of EMC’s Data Domain for supporting and integrating backup software and enterprise applications, allowing application owners to manage their own backup/recovery....

  • Sponsored By EMC // Jun 2015

    EMC on Three Steps to IT Transformation - Video

    Watch to learn about EMC’s practical and straightforward three-step vision for helping you navigate unprecedented business transformation fuelled by technology mega trends: cloud, mobile, social and big data. All businesses need to transform to ensure they survive and grow with IT at the centre of this shifting landscape. The challenge...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Jun 2015

    Infographic - Seven considerations about IT and data protection that can redefine your business

    This infographic analyses the role of IT when it comes to storage and data protection, why enterprise information is number-one business asset that should be listed on the company balance sheet, how organisations that redefine data protection can transform what’s possible for their businesses, and what this transformation looks like...

  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems // Jun 2015

    Enterprise Mobility Management: Embracing BYOD through Data Delivery and Secure App

    The transformation of computing through mobility, consumerisation, bring-your-own device (BYOD) and flex-work offers powerful benefits for today’s organisations – but it poses significant challenges for IT.

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel® // Jun 2015

    IDC TOPLINE: The Rise of Mobility and the Need for Enterprise Mobility Management and Security

    For many organisations in Asia/Pacific, the race is on to mobilise the enterprise in order to reap the numerous benefits mobility offers. These include profitability and productivity advantages for organisations when they leverage mobile capabilities to engage customers, employees and business partners. According to IDC's 2014 Enterprise Mobility survey, more...

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel® // Jun 2015

    Tablets: Changing the Face of the Asian Workplace

    Tablet devices are injecting excitement into the workplace as they present organizations with opportunities for new ways of working and servicing customers. Its form and function make it a perfect device to support worker productivity, and the numbers say it all. IDC’s Tracker research shows organisation's growing appetite for tablet...

  • Sponsored By Jama Software // Jun 2015

    5 Challenges to Agile Planning or 5 Agile Planning Pitfalls Companies Must Avoid

    The moment a company decides to build a product, team leads, contributors and stakeholders struggle to keep every stage of product development between concept and release grounded in the business goals. Agile methodology is a nimble way to work that can help you prioritize, but achieving its promised benefits...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Jun 2015

    Achieving Endpoint Protection through the SANS Institute’s 20 Critical Security Controls

    Today’s technology provides a wealth of opportunity. For example, by adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies,you can enable your employees to work from anywhere, anytime, increasing their productivity. And the ever-growing volumes of data you collect present opportunities for data mining and business intelligence.Read more...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Jun 2015

    8 Ways Better Software Deployment and Management Can Save You Money

    Software management and deployment are perhaps among the most difficult and time-consuming activities undertaken by your IT team. Software, in many ways, is at the root of many IT problems. As applications start to proliferate, as versions become inconsistent, and as users are missed by upgrade cycles, the environment becomes...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Jun 2015

    Business Resiliency: The Need for 24/7/365 Operations (Japanese)

    Today’s customers and business partners expect 24/7/365 uptime. Server and infrastructure outages can cost thousands of dollars every minute, when you calculate the costs of remediation, the lost revenue and productivity, the reputation damage, and the penalties associated with SLA and regulatory non-compliance. Many companies would consider their tolerance for...