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  • Sponsored By Citrix Systems // Apr 2015

    The Modern Way to Extend Your Company Culture - eBook

    If you want to get a message across, you speak the local language—or in the case of reaching and engaging employees, you use the communication channels they like and use. Web conferencing and private social networks for companies are better at keeping employees in the know and this eBook by...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    Top 10 Criteria for Selecting a Managed Services Provider

    When you’re faced with growing expectations to create business value with limited resources, where can you turn? Increasingly, IT organizations are looking to trusted IT services providers like IBM to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation. Read the white paper to find out how...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Apr 2015

    Cloud Development and Test Environments

    Every software developer needs the infrastructure to design, develop, test, and deliver custom applications. Microsoft Azure gives you everything you need to provision and manage a complete development and test environment in the cloud. Azure helps you dramatically simplify and speed up the path to running a dev-test environment. And...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Apr 2015

    Virtual Machines: Bigger, Faster, and more Agile

    Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines allow you to deploy a wide range of computing solutions in an agile way. With Virtual Machines, you can deploy nearly instantaneously and you pay only by the minute. With Windows, Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and BizTalk, you can deploy any workload, any language,...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Apr 2015

    Big Data: New Insights Unlocked.

    Reveal new insights and drive better decision making with Azure HDInsight, a Big Data solution powered by Apache Hadoop. Learn more about the unique flexibility provided to you by HDInsight and make sure you and your organisation stay ahead of the technological curve

  • Sponsored By Intel Security // Apr 2015

    IDC: Calculating the Business Value of Next Generation Firewalls

    Unprecedented demand for business growth is driving the introduction of new applications and a mobile workforce scattered across the globe. Security often becomes an afterthought, leaving organisations at an increased risk of attack. But how can you justify the investment in a new, more effective solution? Eight Intel Security...

  • Sponsored By Intel Security // Apr 2015

    NSS Labs: Can your current firewall block 96.6% of attacks against your server applications?

    Or can it block 94.6% of attacks against client applications? NSS Labs performed an independent test to the McAfee Next Generation Firewall, subjecting it to thorough testing of key operational features such as security effectiveness, performance, stability, reliability, total cost of ownership and many more. Download this eye-opening report and...

  • Sponsored By Intel Security // Apr 2015

    How can you ensure your network is protected without breaking the bank?

    Is your firewall holding your business back? High scalability and availability is no longer a good-to-have feature in todays world. To secure business-critical applications your next generation firewall must have native active clustering, multi-link, firewall/VPN specifications, IPS and not break your companys bank. Download this report to understand how McAfee...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Apr 2015

    Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, EMC Special Edition

    Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, EMC Special Edition, explores the many business benefits of the hybrid cloud, and provides advice to help businesses evolve their IT offering for greater efficiency, flexibility and security

  • Sponsored By EMC // Apr 2015

    Redefine your Flash Strategy with EMC

    How fast is fast enough!? Discover how EMC is demonstrating, once again, its core competency for dramatic—and necessary—change within the flash storage space.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Apr 2015

    EMC Flash Redefine a Report from EMC

    EMC takes the lead in Strategic AFA (all-flash array) technology. See the results yourself.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Apr 2015

    Unleash the Full Power of Flash on your Applications

    EMC XtremIO helps you harness the power of flash storage by building in innovations, like content based data placement and dual-stage metadata. Download this report and learn how XtremIO unleashes the full power of Flash.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Apr 2015

    20 Simple Questions you should ask about All-flash Arrays

    Asking these 20 simple questions about all-flash arrays can impact the success of your data center roll-out. Check these questions now!

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Apr 2015

    MSDN Dev and Test Pay-As-You-Go

    Discover special low Microsoft Azure rates for MSDN subscribers. Learn more about the Azure credits available as part of MSDN subscriptions and access Windows Virtual Machines, HDInsights and other Microsoft cloud services at discounted hourly rates. Using Azure as part of your MSDN subscription provides a great way for teams...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Apr 2015

    The Cost of Complacency in Manufacturing: Are you asking enough of your ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is critical for management and innovation in today's complex, multi-partner manufacturing operations. The problem is, numerous financial and accounting tools are marketed as ERP solutions when, in fact, they don't provide an integrated suite of tools that form a complete system of record. According to research...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Forbes Insights: Tooling Up for Collaboration

    Collaboration is key. To most organizations, in fact, it is a significant source of comparative advantage. As such, the number of meetings—opportunities to share concerns, plan strategies, prioritize focuses, coordinate responses and track progress toward goals—is on the rise. The following report combines quantitative research sponsored by join.me by LogMeIn...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Death of The Web Conference (As We Know It)

    It comes as no surprise that the sheer volume of meetings is on the rise for today’s average employee. Nor should it come as a shock that the vast majority of today’s employees report they get little or no value out of most of the meetings they attend. Yet, few...

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn Australia // Apr 2015

    Unshackling Online Meetings for Business Users

    Online meetings are ideal for collaboration both within the business and with customers, but too often technology solutions get in the way, creating delays or even missed meetings that can jeopardise opportunities and revenue. This Report will Identify how organisations today are improving their collaboration systems and avoiding the costly...

  • Sponsored By Mimecast // Apr 2015

    4 Critical Risks Facing Microsoft® Office 365™ Implementations

    Moving to Microsoft® Office 365™ has risks for availability and security. But with planning, you can make your migration a smooth process that keeps users happy and keeps your business moving forward. In this white paper you’ll learn how to: • Keep email working if Office 365 is offline •...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Apr 2015

    When App is the Business, the Business is the App Vol. 3

    Volume III: Four Components of a Solid Mobile App Strategy! Successfully becoming mobile first and app enabled is a simple exercise of discovery, scalability, sustainability and security.