1IEEE Standard 802.16:A Technical Overview of the Wireless MAN Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access

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Executive Summary

This paper discusses the 802.16: Specifies Air Interface. Any study of the 802.16: Specifies Air Interface incorporates use of the Medium Access Control layer (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) of fixed point-to-multipoint Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) systems. These systems are likely to provide multiple services. In a nutshell, this paper provides main stream alternative to the existing broadband technology. It suggests that 802.16 Air Interface is able to offer better opportunities for vendor differentiation. This differentiation can be undertaken at the base station and the subscriber station without compromising interoperability. The paper also takes into account IEEE Standard 802.16 as the foundation of the wireless metropolitan area networks. This foundation is expected to last another few decades. With the use of the Wireless MAN, this paper suggests that one can replace the existent cabled access networks such as fiber optic links, coaxial systems using cable modems and DSL links. Therefore, it is able to provide easy and less expensive deployment over broad geographic areas when compared with costly infrastructure required in deploying cable links. Discussing the point-to-multipoint architecture of the Wireless MAN, this paper looks at Base Station (BS) connected to public networks; BS serves Subscriber Stations (SS's); BS and SS stationary (SS serves a building for business or residence); and users within the building connect to SS with Ethernet or Wireless LANs.

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