1xM Packet-Switched Router Based on the PPM Header Address for All-Optical WDM Networks

Date Added: Aug 2009
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This paper presents all-optical 1xM router architecture for simultaneous multiple-wavelength packet routing, without the need for wavelength conversion. The packet header address is based on the Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) format, which allows the use of only a single-bitwise optical AND gate for fast packet header address correlation. The proposed scheme offers both multicast and broadcast capabilities. The authors have demonstrated a high speed packet routing at 160 Gb/s in simulation, with a low channel CROSSTalk (CXT) of ~ -27 dB with a channel spacing of > 0.4 THz and a demultiplexer bandwidth of 500 GHz. The output transfer function of the PPM Header Processing (PPM-HP) module is also investigated in this paper.