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2011 Guide to Enterprise Mobility and Innovations

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Executive Summary

Want a quick summary of what 2011 will be like in the mobile space? Here it is in three words: too much information. The mobile space is heating up to a level that may even exceed the excitement of the dot-com boom, and we all know how that turned out. A lot is going to happen in 2011, and no matter what we predict now, new factors will change everything as the year progresses.

In this guide, you'll learn about the trends and innovations we expect to see in 2011 for mobile enterprise implementations. You'll also learn how mobile is changing workforce dynamics, how the IT infrastructure must change to take into account mobile ad-hoc networking, and the trend toward managing mobility at the corporate level. Finally, you'll learn that this is still a wildly changing business, and there are troubling factors that'll keep you up at night. Mobile is not only here to stay, it's moving at warp speed.

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