2SC: An Efficient Code-Based Stream Cipher

Date Added: Oct 2011
Format: PDF

In this paper, the authors present a new code-based stream cipher called 2SC, based on the sponge construction. The security of the keystream generation of 2SC is reducible to the conjectured intractability of the Syndrome Decoding (SD) problem, which is believed to be hard in the average case. Their stream cipher compares favorably with other provably secure stream ciphers such as QUAD and SYND in terms of efficiency and storage. In particular, 2SC is much faster than both these stream ciphers, requiring shorter keys and Initial Vectors (IVs) in order to attain comparable security levels (the run-time in terms of clock cycles is actually halved compared to SYND for around 170 bits of security, whereas the key size is about 50 bits smaller).