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  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    Extreme File Transfer eBook

    Read this e-book from Aberdeen Group to learn about extreme file transfer, and discover the solutions that can help you send information faster, enable worldwide access, and automate workflows to drive seamless file transfer.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    MFT Maturity Assessment Tool

    Complete this quick assessment and receive a report that benchmarks your organizations current practices against those of Best-in-Class companies.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2014

    From Chaos to Control: Creating a Mature File Transfer Process

    Read this ebook from Aberdeen to learn why leading organizations are moving away from the chaos of multiple methods to a single managed file transfer platform, and get best practices for developing a secure, best-in-class file transfer process of your own.

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Oct 2014

    Prefabricated Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centres

    Standardised, pre-assembled and integrated data centre facility power and cooling modules are at least 60% faster to deploy, and provide a first cost savings of 13% or more compared to traditional data centre power and cooling infrastructure. Facility modules, also referred to in the data centre industry as containerised power...

  • Sponsored By Pivotal // Oct 2014

    Innovation to drive disruptive business models and high value services

    The next generation of market leaders are leveraging big data, mobile, social, and cloud innovation to drive disruptive business models and high value services. However, enterprises seeking to deliver software at high velocity and scale are often impeded by the complexity of deploying, upgrading, and operating their applications. Download this...

  • Sponsored By Pivotal // Oct 2014

    The Power of Enterprise PaaS - infographic

    Why is the enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market the focus of so much attention? Enterprise PaaS makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications across private or public cloud infrastructure. PaaS decreases time to market for applications and increases developer productivity. Download this resource now and...

  • Sponsored By Pivotal // Oct 2014

    Enabling Personalized Healthcare with Biomedical Informatics- Case Study

    Aridhia is a world leading health Informatics Company developing technology that supports the innovation, collaboration, and management of chronic diseases, stratified medicine, and biomedical research through the use of biomedical informatics and analytics. Specifically using Hadoop and other Big Data and application technology from Pivotal for gene sequencing and mapping...

  • Sponsored By Pivotal // Oct 2014

    PaaS: Open for Business

    Companies looking to drive innovation through software development have new options and opportunities. Agile development practices speed time to market with continuous delivery of new applications and features. Advances in cloud computing and virtualization allow organizations to streamline (or eliminate altogether) the provisioning of infrastructure. Download this whitepaper and learn...

  • Sponsored By Qualys // Oct 2014

    Web Application Security for Dummies

    This book simply explains all about web application security. After reading this book you'll know how to use a web application security scanner to quickly find vulnerabilities and remediate them for stronger security. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By Qualys // Oct 2014

    Six Essential Elements of Web Application Security

    This whitepaper highlights the six key best practices that industry-leading organizations are using in their web application security efforts while reducing resource requirements and lowering the TCO. Read more...

  • Sponsored By Qualys // Oct 2014

    Best Practices for Selecting a Web Application Scanning (WAS) Solution

    This checklist of best practices will save you time and help you understand what to look for when selecting a WAS solution, whether you have a handful of apps or thousands. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By MobileIron // Oct 2014

    Driving the Mobile Enterprise transformation and Managing BYOD

    Protecting corporate data and network resources while leveraging the benefits of mobility is a constant balancing act; one that requires IT to shift its focus from security lockdown to business enablement. While some companies (particularly in the tech sector) are “doing” BYOD well, most are still trying to devise a...

  • Sponsored By MobileIron // Oct 2014

    Research Report: The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services

    Sponsored by MobileIron, The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services was conducted by Ponemon Institute to learn how organisations are enabling the use of mobile devices and technologies in ways that support business objectives and employee productivity. The study also examines the challenges many companies face when migrating from BlackBerry...

  • Sponsored By Plantronics // Oct 2014

    How We Work: Communication Trends of Business Professionals

    Plantronics surveyed 1,800 enterprise employees in the US, UK, Germany, China, India and Australia. All professionals surveyed work in medium or large-size companies (100+ employees). Findings show that professionals are certainly putting all these new technologies to frequent use. In fact, 78% of those polled said their email usage had...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Oct 2014

    DBAs: Control the Cloud

    DBAs know that staying vital in their profession means working with, and in, the cloud. In this new white paper, see how DBAs can avoid “database isolation management,” and how a broad perspective gives DBAs control over any database environment . Get this paper today.

  • Sponsored By VMware // Oct 2014

    Meeting Workforce Demands: Why—and How—IT Should Modernize End-User Computing

    IT departments face unprecedented challenges in keeping both IT and end-users efficient and productive. This paper discusses top trends and how today’s most successful CIOs are taking a more holistic viewpoint towards the new end-user computing landscape. Here they share their best practices for maximizing agility, meeting end user demands...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Oct 2014

    Why Customers Are Moving Beyond the Status Quo with VMware Horizon 6

    In the competitive marketplace that surrounds us today, customers shouldn’t have to settle for legacy desktop or application delivery simply because they’ve relied on a certain vendor in the past. This white paper reviews how three customers decided to partner with VMware, and how they benefited from the latest VDI...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Oct 2014

    Market Trends: Desktop Virtualization

    The "year of desktop virtualization" has been touted for almost a decade. In practical terms, technology and service providers need to cater to its varying market characteristics, which represent an array of technologies best suited to particular needs across industry and geographic boundaries. Gartner's current research agenda for client computing...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Oct 2014

    Infographic: Horizon 6 Allows IT to Deliver Virtual or Remote Desktops and Applications Through a Single Platform to End Users

    Gone are the days of client/server computing where Windows ruled the day and end users were tasked to do their work from one device and one location. Today, end users are leveraging new types of devices for work, accessing Windows applications alongside non-Windows-based applications and are more mobile than ever....

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2014

    Bring Your Own Device: BYOD Optimised in 10 Steps

    While many American corporations have embraced “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies, only 30 per cent of European businesses have programmes in place. But that number is growing — and for good reason. “Allowing employees to choose their preferred device and access corporate data from any location can lead to...