7 Tips for Negotiating Win-Win Telecom Contracts that Don't Cost More than You Bargained

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Executive Summary

It has been a tough year for IT and telecom and the hangover promises to be around a bit longer as we take stock of the drastic reactionary measures we rushed into place to stop the cost hemorrhaging in our enterprises. Unfortunately, sourcing, normally a well-planned strategic activity was used most frequently as a hammer to slash costs in IT and telecom. As you take stock with this new year, you may be facing the reality of these seven unfortunate situations:

  • The lowest price was confused with the best deal
  • Costs are down, but so are service delivery quality and customer satisfaction
  • Your providers have become your adversaries
  • Focus on reductions has cut off paths to growth
  • You closed the door on new technologies
  • Innovation has become a four-letter word
  • You had to abandon your vision for the sake of immediate results

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