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  • Sponsored By Infinity // Sep 2015

    eBook: Discover London's 7 key advantages for US companies

    Choice is the biggest issue when locating a data center in Europe. Many countries claim an advantage in one specific area -- climate, tax regime or skilled staff -- but fall short in others. However, there is one city with the scale, experience and talent to provide a complete digital...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Enterprise Organizations Need to Prepare for Cyber-attack ‘Hunting’

    Ask any cybersecurity professional and she’ll tell you that her job is getting increasingly difficult. Why? Most will point to a combination of the dangerous threat landscape, IT complexity, and their overwhelming workload. These issues are driving a major transition in enterprise security. Large organizations must move beyond a threat...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Evolving to Hunt : Changing Organization Models and Metrics for Effective Incident Response

    This paper examines the four stages of evolution as security organizations move from reactively responding to incidents to proactively identifying and hunting for threats. It provides a snapshot of each stage, including the size and structure of the security team, approaches to incident response (IR), team skill sets and necessary...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

    The ground has shifted under most enterprise IT security staff. Breaches are now capturing prime-time air across mainstream media outlets. As the world becomes more connected, it is no longer enough for enterprises to react once an alert indicates an attacker is inside the network. Instead, with continuous packet capture...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Security Beyond the SIEM: Winning the Race Against Advanced Attackers

    In order to effectively address threats within the kill chain, organizations must move faster to identify compromised systems before that compromise escalates to information theft. They need to see the entire scope of the threat—from when the compromise originated to how and where it spread, as well as the type...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Understanding and Meeting the Need for Integrated DDoS Defenses (KW: This is an Overview of Arbor-Cisco solution)

    Arbor and Cisco have combined industry leading technology to offer a compelling solution for enabling integrated DDoS protection that provides notable value to service providers and large enterprise organizations. Integrated DDoS defenses will enable service providers to offer secure and reliable services to customers, while also yielding operational benefits and...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Mythbusting the Beliefs of DDoS Protection

    Today’s DDoS attacks are an easy way to interrupt businesses. From holding a website hostage for a ransom, to blocking access to an application to make a political statement, or simply deflecting attention while other threat vectors steal information, DDoS is a growing concern for enterprises. Yet even in today’s...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    The New DDoS Defense: Denying Denial -of- Service Attacks

    Enterprises are under attack. Any business that depends on the Internet is a target for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which overload a network and its components, effectively shutting down the network. These attacks are more than an inconvenience — they can harm an organization's reputation or, worse, cost lots of...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    IDC Analyst Connection: DDoS: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

    Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks promise to remain a potent threat to the enterprise in 2015. Both IT and the boardroom need to protect mission-critical infrastructure from this growing menace to availability, brand image, and the bottom line. The key to success? Don't ignore DDoS; instead, take preventive action. With that in...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    DDoS Prevention Appliances Biannual Worldwide and Regional Market Share and Forecasts

    DDoS prevention appliances are the first line of defense for most service providers and large enterprises around the globe looking to protect themselves from brute-force attacks on network or resource availability, and with the unprecedented number, size, and coverage of DDoS attacks since the floodgates opens in 2008, vendors who...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    Dispelling the Myths Around DDoS

    In 2014 Ovum looked at the evolution of the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack landscape, highlighting that massive volumetric attacks were on the rise, while lower-bandwidth, more sophisticated attacks were targeting the application layer. It also described how DDoS had evolved from a standalone threat to become increasingly part of blended...

  • Sponsored By Arbor Networks // Sep 2015

    The Expanding Role of Service Providers in DDoS Mitigation

    The participation of service providers in the identification of DDoS attacks can help to mitigate threats at (or very near) their point of origin. Collaboration between service providers and DDoS mitigation providers can help identify the signs of a pending DDoS attack, bringing customers closer to the ever-elusive “predictive” protections...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Sep 2015

    Infographic - Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report

    This Infographic of Symantec's 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, gives enterprises, small businesses, and consumers a holistic view and essential information to secure their systems effectively now and into the future. If there is one thing that can be said about the threat landscape, and Internet security as a whole,...

  • Sponsored By Infor // Sep 2015

    Fast, Good and Cheap

    Enterprises of all sizes are now increasingly moving on-premise solutions to the cloud and with good reason - reduced implementation times, decreased demand on IT resources, greater flexibility, and lower costs.

  • Sponsored By Infor // Sep 2015

    Investing in Insights: Getting the Most from Your Data

    In recent years, analytics systems have quickly become an essential tool for businesses to gather and interpret various forms of information. This new, data-driven visibility has helped shape budgeting and capital-spending plans for businesses in a transformative way. Big data is comprised of the huge quantities of unstructured data that...

  • Sponsored By Cisco-Intel // Sep 2015

    Cisco guide: 5 Steps to Aligning IT to the Needs of Your Organisation

    In the past, attempts to integrate data centre infrastructure and applications have been manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, with the advent of cloud computing and hybrid IT, that situation is changing. IT can now be a catalyst for transformation - the enabler of innovation, new business models, and new revenue...

  • Sponsored By Infor // Sep 2015

    The Impact Of Organizational Change On Financial Systems

    Forward-thinking CIOs benefit from regularly assessing the effects of change on financial systems, anticipating major corporate events, and understanding how innovative technologies can better position the organization to take advantage of new opportunities. In this paper, we’ll examine how CIOs can ensure that financial management systems can not only cope...

  • Sponsored By Cisco-Intel // Sep 2015

    Cisco case study: ING DIRECT Turns Ideas into Revenue Faster with Cisco UCS®

    ING DIRECT Australia offers personal and business banking services throughout Australia. They focus on delivering new products and services to their customers so there is a constant push for innovation. ING DIRECT faced challenges due to their need to speed up software testing and deployment, improve developer productivity and accelerate...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Sep 2015

    Create a Knockout Backup and Recovery Business Impact Analysis

    Getting more funding for backup and recovery is easier when you can make clear the consequences of a catastrophic data loss to the business. The best way to do that? With a business impact analysis. We make it easy for you to get started with our business impact analysis kit....

  • Sponsored By Blue Coat Systems // Sep 2015

    Encrypted Traffic Management For Dummies, Blue Coat Special Edition

    Malware hiding in SSL/TLS has become an urgent priority for security executives. It's time for a better approach to manage encrypted traffic. Read "Enterprise Traffic Management for Dummies," a new e-book brought to you by Blue Coat.