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  • Sponsored By Huawei // Oct 2014

    A Better Connected World with Huawei

    In a world where everything is connected, the limits to innovation will fade away, offering inspired experiences for all, and enormous opportunities for businesses. To learn more about our vision of a better connected world. Download the white paper now

  • Sponsored By EMC // Oct 2014

    IDC on How to Shed IT Weight and Move Forward with Innovation

    Watch IDC Business Analytics and Big Data Program Vice President Laura Dubois discuss how chief information officers (CIOs) can shed IT weight to move forward with innovation through application rationalization.

  • Sponsored By attix5 // Oct 2014

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Template

    This whitepaper gives a detailed plan to manage potential disaster and deal with common issues in and around the workplace. The plan sets out to cover every aspect of your business in terms of ensuring that all areas are covered with an effective plan. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By attix5 // Oct 2014

    The Ultimate Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    This guide looks at the facts around when disaster strikes and assesses whether you are equipped to survive the disaster. It also looks at types of incidents to plan for and the steps to create a Business Continuity plan. Another important aspect covered by this report is how to combat...

  • Sponsored By McAfee // Oct 2014

    Eight Must-Have Features for Ultimate Network Security Resource Optimization

    The need for robust network security is growing, but IT security teams, resources, and budgets are shrinking at many organizations. That doesn’t mean you have to scale down your growth or skimp on key IT security areas, but it does mean you need to optimize your resources, starting with your...

  • Sponsored By McAfee // Oct 2014

    Demand More

    Your adoption of NGFWs should bring a substantial increase in the range of protections and controls you can apply to your network. Basic NGFW features such as crude application control provide a starting point for your checklist. However, basic features are just the beginning. You can demand other valuable features.......

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    What would you do without a Cloud?

    Your organisation needs to have a plan to ensure that you can recover from a catastrophic event – some businesses don’t plan and often don’t survive the effects of this oversight. Read more and watch this video to learn how HP’s cloud based Disaster Recovery services can protect your...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Open for business: Ins and outs of enterprise-class cloud continuity

    HP examines the emergence of a new generation of cloud-based business continuity solutions and addresses the most current challenges of enterprise-class cloud continuity and how traditional IT operations can be recovered to the cloud. Read this report and learn how HP helped organisations reduced operational cost and maintained availability.

  • Sponsored By ForgeRock // Oct 2014

    Identity as a Revenue Generator: Getting started with customer focused Identity Management

    Identity is a fundamental requirement to digital growth. Businesses and organizations cannot properly take advantage of mobile, cloud, or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies without a scalable and repeatable identity strategy. Without it, they have no way to identify and engage with their customers in a meaningful way — whether...

  • Sponsored By ObserveIT // Oct 2014

    The future of user-based security risks. Free Gartner report

    IT security personnel spend time protecting against external attacks, but often miss the biggest source of data breaches – user-based threats including account hijacking, stolen passwords, insiders and more. Learn more about the need for a user-centric security strategy with this free Gartner report.

  • Sponsored By ObserveIT // Oct 2014

    Make remote vendor access more secure. Free ObserveIT eBook

    The threat of user-based attacks has never been higher, with 76% of all breaches coming from accounts with access to sensitive data. With the exploitation of remote vendor access a huge concern, learn how to make working with your contractors more secure with this free e-Book from ObserveIT.

  • Sponsored By MaaS360 by IBM // Oct 2014

    When Mobile Device Management Just Isn't Enough ...Now What?

    In the beginning, there was darkness... and then in a white-hot burst of innovation came the first smartphone, and the world of work was changed forever. IT has been trying to keep up with the demands of mobile workers ever since and Mobile Device Management (MDM) was a pretty good...

  • Sponsored By MaaS360 by IBM // Oct 2014

    The Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    For IT, BYOD is not as clear, concerns over securing corporate data to managing a multitude of disparate devices present valid challenges, but none are insurmountable. Download the Ten Commandments of BYOD today to learn: BYOD policy considerations Device discovery Enrollment best-practices Over-the-air configuration Self-service portals Download today to see...

  • Sponsored By MaaS360 by IBM // Oct 2014

    Forrester Market Overview: Cloud-Hosted MDM Solutions And Managed Services

    To implement your enterprise mobile strategy, IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals must invest in a mobile device management (MDM) solution. This essential technology allows I&O professionals to support multiple platforms and form factors, extend management and security policies to both corporate-liable and employee-owned devices, and automate service desk support....

  • Sponsored By MaaS360 by IBM // Oct 2014

    Achieving True Enterprise Mobility - CITO Research

    Everyone is talking about securing mobile devices. What rarely enters the conversation though, is the one thing that makes mobile devices enablers of productivity in the enterprise - Data. Employees need unfettered access while ensuring legal, corporate, and IT requirements are met to maintain the security and integrity of corporate...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Oct 2014

    Infographic: Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report

    An infographic report showing the trends of cyber attacks with corresponding statistics to help you understand the current situation of security cyberspace. It looks at vulnerabilities in mobile OS as well as browsers along with spear phishing, spam and bots and gives you in depth information about how Symantec is...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Oct 2014

    The Cyber Resilience Blueprint: A New Perspective on Security

    The traditional workplace is changing to digital workplace at an exponential rate. This shift has made the workplace more agile and competitive – yet also more vulnerable to cyber attacks. This report goes over the paradigm shift that uses security intelligence laying the foundation for a resilient security strategy. It...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Oct 2014

    Video: Symantec Security Operation Centre

    Go behind the scenes with Peter Sparkes, Director of Managed Security Services for Symantec Asia Pacific and Japan on Symantec Security Operation’s Centre. Get the insights on what and how Symantec is doing globally to protect their customers and clients with Security Operations Centre strategically providing security against sophisticated threats....

  • Sponsored By Equinix // Oct 2014

    CITO Research: Hybrid Cloud Myths

    It’s time to debunk the myths about hybrid cloud bandwidth and reliability. As the flexibility and economy of scale in the cloud continue to expand, and as visibility into data and systems becomes even more extensive, the case for the hybrid cloud has never been stronger. Get insights about your...

  • Sponsored By Equinix // Oct 2014

    Gartner Report 2014: Planning Guide for Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is no longer a new concept, and many organizations have been consuming cloud services for the past several years. However, in 2014, many organizations will look to move cloud computing past the early phase and constrained use cases and into more widespread, production adoption. Check this report out...