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    Sponsored By IBM // Oct 2015

    Middleware for the Modern Age: Tools for Making Cloud and On-Premises Systems Work Together

    If you’re an executive responsible for delivering line-of business solutions to market, then you understand the challenges. Whether they take the form of code delays due to API creation, deployment bottlenecks, or challenges around rapid scaling to meet demand, all the weight is on your shoulders. Fortunately, there are solutions...

  • Sponsored By Box Internet Services // Oct 2015

    The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services, Q3 2015

    In Forrester’s 31-criteria evaluation of enterprise content management (ECM) business content services vendors, we identified the 11 most significant software providers — including Alfresco Software, Box, EMC, Everteam, IBM, iManage, Lexmark International, M-Files, Microsoft, OpenText, and SpringCM — in the category and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report details...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    Jump start mobile productivity with MDM and secure file sharing

    While mobile device management (MDM) helps you secure devices, it’s only part of the solution; complete mobile productivity also requires secure mobile email and the ability to access, sync and share data on any device people use.

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    Deployment Best Practices and Guidelines to Deliver Any App to Mobile Users

    Access to corporate applications allows mobile workers to be more productive, responsive and informed when serving customers or collaborating with peers, helping to achieve business goals such as improved customer satisfaction and faster time to market for new products and services.

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    SDN 101: An Introduction to Software Defined Networking

    This white paper will put SDN into the context of a broad movement to have more of a focus on software based solutions and it will identify the key opportunities that SDN can address. This white paper will also discuss both SDN and NV and will describe the relationship between...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    Get the ultimate handbook to smart and flexible working

    Bigger and better ways to work smarter.In the four years since it was first published, The Smart Working Handbook has become a well-recognised resource on modern workstyles. With thousands of downloads and shares, it’s even been adapted as the official guide to smart working for the UK government. In this...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    Want to succeed? Then improve your ability to influence and persuade

    To achieve your goals and get ahead, you need to rally people behind you and your ideas. But how do you do that when you lack formal authority? Or when you have a boss who gets in your way? Or when you’re juggling others’ needs at the expense of your...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Oct 2015

    Richard Branson’s Top 10 Tips For Success

    With an estimated net worth of $4.9 billion, Richard Branson knows a thing or two about success. Find out his top 10 tips for reaching your greatest potential. Download the brief to learn: -Why finding your bliss is necessary for success -The value of first-hand experiences for an entrepreneur -How...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Sep 2015

    Citrix: Virtual desktop acquisition cost analysis

    App and desktop virtualization is much more than a technology solution. It is transforming the way organizations of all sizes are enabling their workforces while simplifying the desktop management process for IT administrators.

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Forrester: Single-Vendor Security Solution Benefits

    Advanced attacks on an organization’s digital assets often leverage multiple vectors, spanning network, endpoint, web, and email systems. Security professionals who adopt point product technologies, such as endpoint antivirus, often find limited success when these tools lack a holistic view of their environment. In order to succeed in an increasingly...

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Protection

    Endpoint anti-malware solutions and endpoint encryption solutions have now become comprehensive endpoint protection suites, wrapping up other datarelated and content control security capabilities. Read more..

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Complete User Protection Suites Brochure

    Your users are accessing corporate resources in the office, at home, on the road, or anywhere in between. And they are not always working on a corporate network, device, or application.So it’s difficult to protect them anytime, anywhere. To further complicate matters, you’removing to the cloud. But you’re not all...

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Cloud security for Amazon web services (AWS)

    To help you with your shared responsibility, Trend Micro provides the most comprehensive set of recommended security capabilities available for AWS. With Trend Micro’s tight integration with AWS, cost and complexity go down, making it faster and easier for you to meet security requirements while realizing the operational benefits of...

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Economic Value Validation

    Trend Micro Deep Security’s platform approach and differentiated, optimized architecture offers customers the opportunity to reap significant net economic benefit across a broad selection of use cases - often times both in terms of decreased direct costs like hardware and software required, and indirect benefits like IT staff efficiency and...

  • Sponsored By Trend Micro // Sep 2015

    Compensating Security Controls for Windows Server 2003 Security

    It is common knowledge by now that Microsoft will end-of-life Windows Server 2003 as of July 14, 2015 and no longer provide software maintenance or support. Trend Micro’s Deep Security product can be helpful here by providing network, system and anti-malware security controls across physical, virtual, and cloud systems running...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Sep 2015

    Mid-Range to Entry Enterprise Storage Vendor Landscape

    With data growing faster than ever, storage is paramount. Capacity requirements have exploded, causing an increased need for new approaches that offer easier scalability – at a price that won’t break the bank. There are a number of solutions on the market today, but sifting through the innumerable vendor white...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Sep 2015

    Small to Mid-Range Storage Vendor Landscape

    Choosing the right storage array isn’t easy these days. Unprecedented data growth, virtualization and solid-state storage options have made an already important decision extremely complicated. If your current storage approach is no longer capable of meeting demands, it’s time to explore your options to find the solution that will deliver...

  • Sponsored By Dell // Sep 2015

    Four Reasons to Reconsider SANs

    Storage area networks offer considerable benefits, yet cost and complexity steer many growing businesses in other directions. A new generation of technology is redefining the economics of storage, making SANs more affordable — and more manageable — than ever. Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

  • Sponsored By Dell // Sep 2015

    Storage 101: Getting Smart about Scaling Up

    Small and midsize businesses grapple with the same massive data growth that’s challenging larger organizations, yet they have fewer resources to devote to managing the deluge. A new option from Dell is finally giving SMBs access to storage area network technology that’s affordable and easy to manage. Intel Inside®....

  • Sponsored By Dell // Sep 2015

    Redefining the Economics of Your Enterprise Data Center

    With the volume, velocity and value of data accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, making a departure from the costly and complex approach to storage of the past is critical. Dell, the #1 supplier of entry and mid-range storage, delivers new workload-optimized architectures that simplify IT for any size enterprise. Read...