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  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Jul 2015

    The Disruptive Power of Big Data

    This paper explains the big data revolution—what it is, what opportunities it creates, and what challenges exist. It explains why having a conversation with your data is a fundamentally different way to extract business insight and how big data analytics—and the HP Haven platform—help you do just that. It’s a...

  • Sponsored By Webroot // May 2015

    Webroot 2015 Threat Brief

    Did you know that: 85,000 malicious IPs are launched every day? Less than 55% of all URLs are Trustworthy? 30% of Internet Users access Phishing sites? 15% of New files are malicious executables? Only 28% of mobile apps are trustworthy? The Webroot 2015 Threat Brief, based on extensive research, contains...

  • Sponsored By Cisco Systems // May 2015

    Achieve More with Video Collaboration - Cisco CMR

    As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, leaders recognise that video is an essential component of effective business collaboration. Video conferencing is becoming more pervasive, as it delivers a range of proven benefits to teams and orqanisations. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) ...

  • Sponsored By Macquarie Telecom Australia // May 2015

    Disaster Avoidance vs Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Avoidance (DA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are both critical elements of a general disaster-coping strategy.This paper explores the difference between the two and what each can do to prepare companies for disaster. This report explores such topics as: Why is disaster preparedness important? Stopping disasters before they start Which...

  • Sponsored By Macquarie Telecom Australia // May 2015

    How to develop a Business Continuity Plan

    A disaster or interruption can occur at any time without any warning—your company’s survival depends on the steps you take to prepare for these potentially catastrophic events. The most effective preparation takes the form of a written document called a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This document serves as a guide...

  • Sponsored By Webroot // May 2015

    The Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence to a Strong Security Posture

    Recently, the Ponemon Institute surveyed 693 IT security professionals from Fortune 1000, Global 2000 and the Forbes List of Largest Private Companies in order to understand how organizations are using, gathering and analyzing threat intelligence as part of their broader cybersecurity strategy. The resulting report answers the following questions: •...

  • Sponsored By Webroot // May 2015

    The 12 Leading Players in the Corporate Web Security - Market Quadrant

    According to a 2014 Radicati Group report, corporate cloud-based security solutions are in demand, in part due to the vast proliferation of mobile devices and the increased number of employees working remotely. As the number of mobile workers accessing a company's private network increases, identity and access management has become...

  • Sponsored By IBM // May 2015

    The Data Center Impact of Cloud, Analytics, Security, Social and Mobile

    An IBM white paper describing the infrastructure implications of today’s converging technology forces and the software defined, next-generation data center transformation vital to capitalizing on them.

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // May 2015

    Ten Sneaky Things a Spammer Will Do

    Spam will continue to plague Inboxes until it is no longer profitable for the spammer or there is a hack-proof method of prevention that is easy to use. Read this ebook and learn the techniques spammers employ to reach their target audience, and discover the solutions that can help protect...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // May 2015

    Phishing: When Email is the Enemy

    Assuming your employees or spam filter can detect the difference between legitimate emails and phishing scams is not enough. Discover the challenges of staying ahead of phishing and learn a framework to incorporate anti-phishing actions into your existing security processes.

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // May 2015

    Best Practices Checklist: Email Security Cloud and Virtual Migration

    Looking for best practices to ensure a secure email for cloud and virtual migration? If you are considering migrating email security to the cloud, read this paper and discover best practices for planning and executing an email security migration that minimizes the risk of business disruption.

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Protecting Exchange: Best Practices and Practical Tips

    Protecting email data is critical for today's organizations, yet most disaster-recovery plans don’t incorporate a comprehensive email data-protection strategy. Find out the best ways to safeguard precious email data in your Microsoft Exchange environment. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    How to Avoid the Coming Backup Crunch

    Data is exploding at a time when tolerances for loss are near zero. Learn about a proven solution that enables organizations to capture continuous backup snapshots, automate recoverability testing, and offload data deduplication/compression tasks using minimal infrastructure and human resources. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Disk Backup Appliances: The Next Generation

    Have you examined your backup strategy recently? You may be exposing your business to unnecessary risk and expense. Find out how you can save time on deployment, simplify day-to-day management, shrink your backup windows and significantly reduce your backup-storage footprint. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Dell Data Protection Point of View

    Your backup methodology depends on data classification, recovery objectives and IT infrastructure. Learn how to enable the best data-protection methods for your environment — safeguarding your organization’s critical information and applications - without adding excessive costs or complexity. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Building Higher IT Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

    Some disasters, such as hurricanes, are preceded by a warning. Most are not. Forces of nature, malicious acts, or even human error can have a detrimental impact on your business. Be prepared by learning some first steps and follow-ups to upgrade your disaster preparedness. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Be a C-suite hero with these 5 key virtual + physical data protection takeaways.

    Redefine your business goals and drivers for data protection, and think like a CIO when you apply the five key takeaways in this eBook. Discover alternative approaches to protect your hybrid, virtual and physical environments, and embrace new solutions to secure your data assets.

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Unified Backup: Virtual & Physical

    Protecting data is a holistic practice; so, you're only as strong as your weakest link. Find out how the latest release of Dell AppAssure unifies virtualized stand-alone backup, replication and recovery processes — without compromising data protection. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    The Buyers Guide to Virtual and Physical Data Protection

    New technologies now make data protection faster and more reliable both for physical and virtual machines. Let this guide help you sort through traditional and cutting-edge data-protection solutions to find the best option for your environment. Read the White Paper >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Apr 2015

    Superior VMware® Protection for Limited IT Budgets

    A complete VMware data-protection strategy should offer protection for mission-critical applications, along with automated nightly backup and replication for less critical data. Find out the four major criteria for implementing cost-effective data protection in your own VMware environment. Read the White Paper >>