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  • Sponsored By Equinix // Sep 2014

    Shifting Centre of Gravity - Why it Needs to Accelerate Application Delivery

    The benefits of working with a provider such as Equinix go beyond simply responding to today’s user needs. Once applications are accessible from anywhere, an organisation can introduce (more) flexible working, or enable access from international locations as part of a new globalisation strategy. New application delivery models, based on...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    Redefine VDI with XtremIO

    Within End-User Computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) holds the promise not only of consolidating desktops into the data centre for improved manageability, efficiency, and security, but also shaping and evolving next-generation services such as bring-your-own-device and desktop mobility.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    Case Study- Keolis Orléans

    The Lyon metro; The Lille, Le Mans, or Melbourne tram systems? Keolis helped to design these transport systems and operates them on a daily basis. Keolis Orléans wanted a solution that is able to anticipate business evolution: the number of virtualized desktops will not be known in advance, and the...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    Case Study- Boston Scientific

    Serving 24,000 employees in more than 40 countries and supporting over 2,500 different applications Boston Scientific needed a cost-effective solution that would improve the end user experience and facilitate greater administrative responsiveness, including the ability to deploy virtual desktops during business hours. Find out how they were able to do...

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    Expand your horizon with XtremIO

    Within End-User Computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) holds the promise not only of consolidating desktops into the data centre for improved manageability, efficiency, and security, but also shaping and evolving next-generation services such as bring-your-own-device, Windows on Mobile, and workforce mobility.

  • Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    VDI Storage Considerations

    While considering storage solutions for VDI, enterprise buyers should ask their vendors the following questions to ensure the success of their VDI deployment. Does it offer the best user experience? How flexible is the deployment model? Does it offer administrative flexibility? And more…

  • EMC

    Sponsored By EMC // Sep 2014

    XtremIO powers VMworld 2014

    VMware is the leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the cloud era. Every year, VMware showcases its latest solutions at the company’s VM world conference. A key feature of the conference is solving critical business challengers in the hands on labs environment.

  • Sponsored By OpenText // Sep 2014

    Executive Summary: The Gathering Threat

    Enterprises today are seeing a rapid growth of unstructured content and an increased variety of content types, making consistent and secure management of corporate information increasingly difficult. As data continues to expand, it threatens to overwhelm IT infrastructures and leave organizations vulnerable to risk and non-compliance.

  • Sponsored By OpenText // Sep 2014

    Infographic: The Gathering Threat

    A dangerous storm is threatening to swap IT infrastructures. Massive growth of unrestricted content and multiplying content types make it increasingly difficult to consistently manage and identify what to keep. Email, file systems content, digital assets, social, web, ERP data... the list is endless and the threat is real.

  • Sponsored By Actuate // Sep 2014

    Embedding Reports, Dashboards and Analytics: A Breakdown in 5 Steps

    Today’s SaaS providers or in-house development teams must perform a balancing act, delivering industry-leading functionality to a demanding market place while speeding time-to-market. To meet and exceed customer expectations, the application needs to provide the right data through interactive and rich visualizations, reports and dashboards to any device. This white...

  • Sponsored By Actuate // Sep 2014

    Top 12 Reasons to Integrate BIRT in Your Applications

    One maxim is true for all software applications – whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud – the value lies in its data. Typically the development of the application takes precedence over the presentation of the data. But in today’s highly visual world, the competition to present data in a...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    The Future of Email and Applications is Social (RTE)

    A social email and application experience takes advantage of the impact of social networking technologies on business processes and worker expectations.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    Ovum Report: New Versions of IBM Notes and Domino Show Microsoft the Way Forward

    Ovum's assessments of IBM's collaboration portfolio over the last four years have put IBM ahead of the field in terms of technical capability. Read how Ovum believes this momentum will translate to improved market leadership for IBM Notes and Domino as well.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    Improving Collaboration by Adding Social Capabilities to Email

    This IDC Technology Spotlight paper takes a look at why Email remains the primary mode of communication in business today. While there is prevalent speculation that social software and other real-time communications applications will replace email, email nevertheless remains a stalwart in business operations. In addition, as relationships across all...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    Evolving Toward the Next Phase of Email

    According to most corporate decision makers and influencers, email is the single most important application they have deployed! The typical user spends two hours per day working in the corporate email system and sends or receives a median of 130 emails per day. Moreover, email is the primary method for:...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi // Sep 2014

    IT Service Provider Breaks Into Storage Services With Disaster Recovery as a Service for Hitachi Content Platform Owners

    To retain their share of the market in a fast-changing technology landscape, IT service providers need to find cost-effective ways to expand the services they offer their customers. At first glance, branching out into cloud storage services might appear to be a risky proposition, considering the formidable competitors who occupy...

  • Sponsored By Global Knowledge // Sep 2014

    How Mobile Management Services Fill a Critical Security Need

    According to the GSMA (the global mobile industry trade group), the total number of devices in 2012 will double from six billion to 12 billion by 2020. For organizations considering Mobile Management Services (MMS), such an increase demonstrates why it's critical to address MMS adoption and deployment now, before unchecked...

  • Sponsored By Global Knowledge // Sep 2014

    Horizon View 6 Blast Performance Features

    With VMware's recent release of the Horizon Suite (specifically View 6), VMware has taken the performance and usability features and put them all under the Blast moniker. This category of features is grouped from a marketing perspective but will retain their technical terms in the documentation, similar to how the...

  • Sponsored By Hitachi // Sep 2014

    Checklist for Cloud Mobility Readiness

    Today’s mobile worker want real-time, remote and secure access to your company’s fast-growing information. To ensure the right data is in the right place at the right time, your organization needs a solution that provides your workforce with data and cloud mobility. This white paper from Hitachi provides a checklist...

  • Sponsored By Global Knowledge // Sep 2014

    Security and the Rise of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

    Increased interconnectivity via machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, the IoE, and smart systems holds profound implications for how business trends continue to evolve. In terms of M2M growth, key developments in security will be essential, from the design and manufacture of devices to more robust cloud security and ensuring the integrity of...