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  • Sponsored By MapR // Sep 2014

    Forrester Research Report: Big Data Hadoop Solutions

    This comprehensive research report details the findings about how well each solution fulfils the criteria, shows where the vendors stand in relation to each other, and helps technology management professionals select the right Hadoop solution for their business needs.

  • Sponsored By MapR // Sep 2014

    Hadoop Buyer’s Guide

    Acquiring, deploying and integrating all the moving parts that make up the Hadoop ecosystem can be challenging for even the best IT organisations. Make sure you choose the right solution with the Hadoop Buyer's Guide, by Robert D. Schneider, the author of Hadoop for Dummies. This comprehensive reference goes...

  • Sponsored By MapR // Sep 2014

    Executive Guide to Big Data and Apache Hadoop

    This special edition ebook, from the author of Hadoop for Dummies, contains everything you need to know to get started with Big Data and Hadoop. It also recommends how to evaluate Hadoop’s platform offerings so you can meet your business objectives. Download this ebook to learn critical big data...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Sep 2014

    Biz & Tech Insights: Win with data - Get the upper hand against data deluge

    The rising tide of data is demanding more out of enterprises than ever before. Organisations that have successfully managed to ride this data wave and extract insights from it have been successful in propelling their business forward. Take a look at the difference effective data management can make to your...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Sep 2014

    Expand Your Virtual Infrastructure With Confidence And Control

    Is your virtualized infrastructure operating at peak efficiency and performance? If your infrastructure is growing while your IT headcount is flat, most likely you have a hard time answering that question with confidence. In December 2013, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how small and midsize companies manage virtualization...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Sep 2014

    Three Ways to Achieve Fast and Affordable IT in an Always-On World

    In this new era, your IT organization needs to meet strict service level agreements (SLAs) while containing the costs of IT operations. This is a difficult proposition. How can you ensure availability, increase performance, and boost ROI all at the same time? In short, you need a comprehensive virtualization...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Sep 2014

    Three Things Your Old Version of vSphere Doesn’t Do

    With VMware® vSphere® software, you have already seen the benefits of the world’s leading virtualization platform. However, vSphere alone doesn’t have all of the tools you need to realise the most value from your investments. To achieve peak performance and intelligently scale your virtual environment, you need tools to help...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Aug 2014

    The Future of Service Desk

    What does the future of the service desk look like? Of course, the answer to this question depends on how far ahead we want to look. What can we do right now to prepare for the future? The first thing is to ensure that you have all the service...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Aug 2014

    BYOD - The Future of IT is Now

    The wave toward Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Applications (BYOA) has been building since roughly 2007, but has now become a tsunami. Many organizations are realising the variety of benefits provided by BYODA and are embracing them. However, while IT may have warmed to the...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Aug 2014

    7 Key Steps to ITSM Goodness

    Every service management project or operation must be built as a collaborative process with customers, and it must be focused on business outcomes, not simply based around technology or process. ITSM Goodness targets the need to listen to customers and to establish a structure of outcome-driven services. This whitepaper...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Aug 2014

    Sensible Service Management eBook

    This Sensible service management guide written by Rob England, the IT Skeptic, aims to cut through all the noise and jargon to tell IT managers why service management can be useful and why it doesn’t need to be so complex. The guide is broken into 11 best practices. Check this...

  • Sponsored By Citrix // Aug 2014

    Support on the go Using Mobile Devices to Provide End User Support

    In this report, HDI shares the current practices of technical support staffs, across more than thirty industries, regarding their practices related to using mobile devices to provide support to end users. This report is based on information of 233 technical support organizations and provides insight into not only the...

  • Sponsored By RSA // Aug 2014

    Combatting Digital Fraud: A CIO Report

    Combating digital fraud has become a business issue and presents risk for any organization with online operations. Gain perspective from CIOs on what organizations can do to prevent fraud in digital commerce.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2014

    Algorithmics: Curve Fitting for Calculating Solvency Capital Under Solvency II - Practical Insights and Best Practices from Leading European Insurers

    The purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into how some of Europe's leading insurers are applying Curve Fitting in practice, the benefits that are being derived and some of the practical challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2014

    Meeting the Solvency II Operational Risk Challenge

    Integrating pragmatic operational risk management techniques in core business operations and decision making processes.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2014

    ORSA State of Readiness Survey: Addressing the Readiness of US Insurers for the RMORSA

    IBM conducted a survey of senior risk officers at US insurers to determine their level of preparedness for ORSA. This paper discusses their responses.

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Experience the Power of IT Process Automation

    Bridge the physical/virtual gap. See how HP Operations Orchestration enables you to orchestrate physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure and IT processes.

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Gartner’s Best Practices for Implementing Automation

    Follow a systematic approach. Opportunistic implementations may backfire, leading to incompatibilities and added expense and risk. Read Gartner’s advice for maximizing the benefits of data center automation.

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Secrets of Effective Server Change Management

    Take control of change. Only 23% of IT organizations have an acceptable change-related incident rate. Download HP’s new eBook and learn how to dramatically decrease the number of incidents caused by poor server change management.

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    PointClickCare drives to 80% automation

    Learn how PointClickCare used HP Service Anywhere to accelerate process improvements and share knowledge, allowing them to identify recurring problems and automate the triage of over 80% of their cases.