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  • Sponsored By IBM // Jul 2014

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    The mobile device management market has evolved into the enterprise mobility management suites market. EMM is growing quickly, and the vendor landscape has changed significantly, which will impact IT leaders' choices. Check this Gartner Report Now!

  • Sponsored By IBM // Jul 2014

    Enterprise Mobility Management - The Big Bang Theory

    The universe of mobility is a complex thing, and it is ever expanding-much like our actual universe. The other mobility shares with our ever- expanding cosmos is the potential that can be realized through a rational, analytic, and comprehensive understanding.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Jul 2014

    Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    The mobile device management market has evolved into the enterprise mobility management suites market. EMM is growing quickly, and the vendor landscape has changed significantly, which will impact IT leaders' choices. Check this Gartner Report Now!

  • Sponsored By HP // Jul 2014

    HP Operations Orchestration Overview

    An innovative enterprise scale automation platform that provides infrastructure management and application management capabilities for delivering services on traditional data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Sponsored By HP // Jul 2014

    Enterprise-scale IT automation with a disciplined approach

    This report explores the benefits of IT process automation that supports entire IT environment from traditional IT to cloud-based infrastructure operations. Read this info brief and learn how HP helped organisations reduced operational cost and improved service quality.

  • Sponsored By HP // Jul 2014

    The benefits of HP Operations Orchestration

    This info brief explores the benefits of automating the orchestration of process such as incident management and service request fulfilment leading to reduced errors and execution times by 50% or more.

  • Sponsored By HP // Jul 2014

    Accelerate ROI- HP IT Process Automation and Orchestration

    Explore this whitepaper to find out practical examples for realising a rapid return on investment in IT operations while providing CIO’s, IT managers and support teams a realistic roadmap for success.

  • Sponsored By F5 // Jul 2014

    Five Key Issues for DNS - The Next Network Management Challenge

    The Domain Name Service (DNS) is one of the most important components in networking infrastructure, enabling users and services to access applications by translating URLs (names) into IP addresses (numbers).  Because every icon and URL and all embedded content on a website requires a DNS lookup loading complex sites necessitates...

  • Sponsored By F5 // Jul 2014

    Reducing Expenses Starts with the Programming Skills of Operations Groups

    Tools available today make it possible to significantly reduce the daily tasks that consume the time of IT operations groups like automation. And with today’s new cloud and SDN architectures being deployed or just on the horizon, automation is no longer just optional. No matter what we call it the...

  • Sponsored By F5 // Jul 2014

    Three Key Principles to Accelerating Web Applications

    Most organizations are concerned with the speed of their applications. Whether it involves an internal business application or a customer-facing shopping site, web application performance can have a huge impact on business performance. A faster-performing web application results in greater sales, better user engagement and improved productivity. The aim of...

  • Sponsored By F5 // Jul 2014

    Mitigating Multiple DDoS Attack Vectors

    Security professionals need to understand how to plug the security gap from Layers 3 to 7, and protect against multi-layer attacks, with a full proxy security architecture.  It's time to rethink and refine the enterprise security architecture, so organizations can remain agile and resilient against future threats.  Download this infographic...

  • Sponsored By Coverity // Jul 2014

    Top 5 Things Every Developer Should Know

    C sharp has become increasingly popular and complex, putting applications and organizations at risk for software failures. Learn how you can gain deeper intelligence into your code to avoid critical crash causing defects

  • Sponsored By LogMeIn // Jul 2014

    The State of Support Services: 2014

    2014 has already proven to be an incredibly challenging and exciting year for customer support. With the backdrop of the changes TSIA identified in the new world of B4B, and all the traditional pressures faced by support services organizations, we are witnessing a pace of change that the majority of...

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    Data Centre Projects: System Planning

    Planning of a data centre physical infrastructure project need not be a time consuming or frustrating task. Experience shows that if the right issues are resolved in the right order by the right people, vague requirements can be quickly translated into a detailed design. This paper outlines practical steps to...

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    Whitepaper: Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets and Small Rooms

    Cooling for IT wiring closets is rarely planned and typically only implemented after failures or overheating occur. Historically, no clear standard exists for specifying sufficient cooling to achieve predictable behaviour within wiring closets. This paper describes the science and practical application of an improved method for the specification of...

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    How Monitoring Systems Reduce Human Error in Distributed Server Rooms & Remote Wiring Closets

    Surprise incidences of downtime in server rooms and remote wiring closets lead to sleepless nights for many IT managers. Most can recount horror stories about how bad luck, human error, or just simple incompetence brought their server rooms down. This paper analyses several of these incidents and makes recommendations...

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    Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-density Server Deployment

    High-density servers offer a significant performance per watt benefit. However, depending on the deployment, they can present a significant cooling challenge. Vendors are now designing servers that can demand over 40 kW of cooling per rack. With most data centres designed to cool an average of no more than 2...

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of a Traditional Data Centre vs. a Scalable - Download Now

    Standardised, scalable, pre-assembled, and integrated data centre facility power and cooling modules provide a “total cost of ownership” (TCO) savings of 30% compared to traditional, built-out data centre power and cooling infrastructure. Avoiding overbuilt capacity and scaling the design over time contributes to a significant percentage of the overall savings....

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Jul 2014

    Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centres

    Data centre systems or subsystems that are preassembled in a factory are often described with terms like prefabricated, containerized, modular, skid-based, pod-based, mobile, portable, self-contained, all-inone, and more. There are, however, important distinctions between the various types of factory-built building blocks on the market. This paper proposes standard terminology for...

  • Sponsored By Level 3 Communications // Jul 2014

    Enhancing Cloud Connectivity For Optimal Application Performance

    Increasing dependence on Cloud-based applications hosted in distant data centres makes the quality of backbone networks connecting them increasingly critical. Network quality between Cloud providers and end-users in fact widely varies, and chronically threatens application performance. Differences in carrier network design become more significant as dependence on the Cloud intensifies....