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  • Sponsored By Intel Security: McAfee // Aug 2015

    The Phishing Quiz

    Put your phishing knowledge to the test. One wrong click could expose your company to a data breach. Take the quiz and discover how skilled you are at detecting malicious phishing attempts amid common work-related emails, which are provided here in replicated email clients with active functionality.

  • Sponsored By Intel Security: McAfee // Aug 2015

    Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Next-Generation Malware

    Examples of phishing and malware threats are becoming more commonplace as cybercriminals become more adept, stealthier, and more able to penetrate corporate security defenses. The consequences of even a single such attack can be enormous, resulting in the potential loss of millions of dollars from corporate financial accounts, the loss...

  • Sponsored By Intel Security: McAfee // Aug 2015

    To Click or Not to Click, That is the Question-Infographic

    This Infographic outlines how modern organisations are protecting their users in a "click first, ask later" culture. With smartphones now allowing your employees to access their work email accounts, new security tactics must be developed to ensure that every employee is covered on every device. Read through this infographic to...

  • Sponsored By HP Intel Xeon // Aug 2015

    Software-Defined Storage

    The power of software-defined storage (SDS) lies in separating hardware and data servicesfrom management to optimize costs for small to midsize businesses, remote sites, and cloud service providers. Learn the meaning of SDS and how this new technology can help you build a flexible architecture that offers opportunities for simplified...

  • Sponsored By HP Intel Xeon // Aug 2015

    Your technology refresh policy

    Different enterprises have different ways of managing their technology refresh. Some use three- or five-year depreciation cycles. Others use informal refresh cycles based on loose guidelines. Still others wait for the server or storage array to die before replacing it. With an uncertain economy and IT budget cuts, postponing hardware...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2015

    Forbes Insights: The Big Bang - Is cloud the silver lining for resilience?

    Forbes Insights discusses how the cloud is changing resilience in the expanding universe of digital data.

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    Sponsored By HP & Intel® Xeon® Processor // Aug 2015

    Why Demand for Availability Has Increased as Flash-Based Arrays Mature IDC Technology Spotlight

    The market for all-flash arrays (AFAs) hit $1.3 billion in revenue in 2014, and IDC expects it to grow at a 46.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2018. This meteoric growth shows that the AFA market is on fire. Although a cursory look at this market might suggest that...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard & Intel® // Aug 2015

    The Strength and Durability of the HP RP5

    Strength and durability are vital features to hardware in the extreme conditions of the Retail industry. Reliability, performance and confidence are of the upmost importance when your customers are depending on - learn how the HP RP5, Model 5810 - powered by Intel(R) Core(TM) processors - is specially designed to...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard & Intel® // Aug 2015

    Reliable and Durable: What makes HP Point of Sales Systems "Retail Hardened"?

    HP and Intel are committed to offering point-of-sale (POS) platforms that are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the demands of the retail and hospitality markets. HP undestands the needs of retailer and hospitality operators and focused on providing POS systems that are powerful, reliable, durable and can operate under...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard & Intel® // Aug 2015

    HP RP5 Retail System, Model 5810 Solution Brief

    Learn how to efficiently manage your retail business fom the store floor to the back office with HP's highest-performing retail platform - the HP RP5 Retail System, Model 5810 powered by Intel(R) Core(R) processor - that delivers maximum flexibility for a range of deployments. HP is the sponsor...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2015

    Taming IT Complexity with Managed Services - IBM Report (Chinese)

    The need for IT to evolve beyond virtualization and embrace software defined data center models has never been greater. Many organizations are reacting to shifts in business requirements and customer demands by embracing cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies. However, incorporating these new models into traditional processes marks a turning...

  • Sponsored By Plantronics // Aug 2015

    Plantronics Collaboration: Noise At Work

    Our recent study proves that this is a growing issue. Open plan offices with little acoustic planning often amplify noise. Outdoors,everyday noise can make it just as difficult to hear and be heard. So how big is the problem? What is the real world impact of noise at work? And...

  • Sponsored By Plantronics // Aug 2015

    Plantronics: Noise In The Office Infographic

    As our recent study proves, it is a key factor in lower levels of staff motivation. It negatively impacts customers who are frustrated when they are asked to repeat themselves. It undermines collaboration between teams and it even disadvantages the business through lower levels of productivity. Read more...

  • Sponsored By Huawei // Aug 2015

    Innovative ICT Empower a Better Connected Smartgrid

    This IDC Energy Insights Report sponsored by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. lays out the electric global power industry business drivers for information and communication technology (ICT). It explores the innovative ICT technologies IDC includes in its Third Platform model along with the trends in utility use. It also discusses the...

  • Sponsored By Huawei // Aug 2015

    Enterprise LTE - A Serious Contender For Private Wireless Network

    Huawei commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate what vertical industries demanded of wireless enterprise networks to support their communications needs. Forrester Consulting surveyed 265 IT business decision-makers in the US, Europe, and Asia, and found that these organisations will require an agile wireless network to support a mobile and dispersed workforce...

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Aug 2015

    IAM for the Real World: Access Management

    The foundation for every organization today is access. Learn how core identity management and access principles can be impacted by factors unique to your organization, and the significant benefits that come from getting to one identity. Read the eBook >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Aug 2015

    Defender — The Right Way to Prove Identity and Establish Trust

    Find out how you can quickly prove the identity of the other party in an e-transaction — and why Dell Defender is the right solution to help. Defender offers an extensible architecture that’s proven to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability for industries worldwide. Read the Brief >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Aug 2015

    Strategies to Ensure Success for Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Project

    Learn from real-world cases to discover how you can set up your IAM project for success — ensuring the right balance of access management, privileged account management (PAM) and identity governance, so your users have only the access and privileges they need. Download the eBook >>

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // Aug 2015

    E-Book: Future-Proof Your Tactical IAM Projects.

    It’s often thought that identity and access management (IAM) is reserved for large-scale, strategic projects. However, there is another layer of IAM that addresses day-to-day activities. Learn proven strategies that can help overcome potential barriers to your tactical IAM. Download the Ebook >>

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Aug 2015

    Practical Options for Deploying Small Server Rooms and Micro Data Centers

    Small server rooms and branch offices are typically unorganized, unsecure, hot, unmonitored, and space constrained. These conditions can lead to system downtime or, at the very least, lead to “close calls” that get management’s attention. Practical experience with these problems reveals a short list of effective methods to improve the...