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  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Endpoint Buyers Guide

    Evaluating the many components that make up an endpoint security solution can be overwhelming. This buyers guide provides independent research and test results to help you determine your endpoint security solution requirements and identify the vendor that best meets your needs.

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Firewall Buyers Guide

    Five key areas to consider when choosing your next firewall Checklist of the security capabilities you need Questions to ask vendors to make sure they meet your requirements Comparisons of Sophos, Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    A Manager's Guide to Unified Threat Management and Next-Gen Firewalls

    A lot of security vendors use the terms Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) interchangeably - so it's easy to get confused about which type of protection is right for you. This Manager's Guide helps you answer these questions: Is a UTM solution right for my organisation? What...

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Mar 2015

    Protecting Your Roaming Workforce With Cloud-Based Security

    Remote and roaming workers are constantly checking email, downloading data and staying productive. Results are their top priority - security is not. IT departments must mitigate the risks of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    CommScope Report: NGBASE-T Cabling Requirements

    A recent technical report from CommScope provides an in-depth update on the latest IEEE developments for NGBASE-T and associated cabling specifications in the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) in support of this application.

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    Laying the groundwork for a New Level of Wireless Access Performance

    CommScope has developed this paper in order to provide guidance and recommendations for enterprise IT professionals who are charged with designing and deploying the cabling infrastructure to support their rapidly expanding needs for wireless access.

  • Sponsored By Anixter // Mar 2015

    CommScope Report: Category 8 Cabling Standards Update

    CommScope’s Standards Advisor provides updates on TIA specifications—under development and completed—covering the following technologies: Power over Ethernet, telecommunications physical network security, distributed antenna system (DAS) cabling, high performance structured cabling (HPSC), mode conversion, and fibre-optic test procedures. It also provides brief updates from standards activities within INCITS T11 (Fibre Channel);...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Mar 2015

    Good Apps, Bad Apps - The Cost Of Creating Exceptional Mobile Moments Through Mobile Apps

    In August 2014, IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the impact of “good” or “bad” mobile applications on a company’s brand, revenue, and cost structure through primary research and the creation of a cost framework and model. Forrester performed three studies to identify the characteristics of good and bad mobile...

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Mar 2015

    Technology Business Research: Notebook Reliability

    TBR discusses the reliability found in Dell Notebooks today. This report breaks down the areas most critical to customer satisfaction and how Dell is able to consistently deliver across these criteria. Realise the potential that Dell products can offer your work force.

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Mar 2015

    Enterprise Mobility Management Smackdown

    Are you looking for an independent overview of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and curious about the different features and functions each EMM vendor is offering?If so, this is a report you MUST read!

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Mar 2015

    Zeroing In on the Right Devices

    Discover what you can do to stay ahead of the technological curve and ensure that your productivity can be matched by none. This report will analyse the latest in PC technology and how you and your employees can replace outdated systems with the best-of-the-best.

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Mar 2015

    Life Hacker: Making Mobility Real –eBook

    Let Life Hacker take you through the questions most frequently asked when talking about mobility in organisations around the world. This eBook, chapter by chapter, will examine: • Why Mobility Policy are now a must have • How to remain secure in this world of BYOD • What Mobile...

  • Sponsored By Dell and Intel // Mar 2015

    End of life for BYOD products- Webinar

    Join us on Tuesday, 24 March at 11:00am EST to learn more about what you can do to when your devices reach the end of their life. As personal electronic devices gain more access to corporate data, whether through internal email, software, or files stored on the cloud, security is...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Mar 2015

    IBM SolutionsConnect Invitation 2015 - Seize the Moment. Dive Into Next Generation Technologies

    IBM invites you to attend SolutionsConnect 2015, an event focused on the evolution of technology and its impact on enterprises. This exclusive event will focus on how Enterprise Innovation can be achieved with the integration of the various systems in place to derive insights and foster engagement in a dynamic...

  • Sponsored By Backbone Connect // Mar 2015

    Backbone Connect introduce half-price data center rack space for an entire year.

    Find out more about Backbone Connect's special offer and how to leverage it to increase your data center space. Some of the highlights include: Excellent Internet access and WAN connectivity Over 400 carriers and CDN providers 24/7 access to your racks

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Mar 2015

    NetApp FAS2500 Series: Delivering best-in-class value and capability

    NetApp FAS2500 hybrid storage arrays provide more value for your money than any other systems in their class. FAS2500 simplifies the task of managing growth in house and in the cloud by providing support for a broader range of workloads along with seamless scaling of performance and capacity. Read the...

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Mar 2015

    IDC: The Business Benefits of Unified Storage

    Data storage in the corporate environment has become increasingly complex. IT leaders face significant challenges in effectively storing and managing data. This report takes a detailed look into the challenges of data storage and examines how NetApp offers the capabilities that can benefit businesses and maximise efficiency.

  • Sponsored By Intel Security McAfee // Feb 2015

    25 years of Firewall. What's Next?

    Over the past 25 years Firewalls have evolved to become one of the must-have cyber security solutions of today. But, are they ready to deal with the security threats of the next 25 years? Join James Turner, Senior Advisor and IT Security Analyst at IBRS Australia, and examine the new...

  • Sponsored By Box // Feb 2015

    An Alternative to Today’s Distributed Content Security Chaos

    Many enterprise organizations have sensitive files stored cross the enterprise using a variety of technologies and security controls. As bad as this is, environments are actually getting worse as today's complex IT architecture is expanded with cloud and mobile computing. Addressing this problem with status quo solutions won't work, so...

  • Sponsored By Box // Feb 2015

    Splunk Boosts Day-to-Day Operational Intelligence, Secures its IP with Box

    Known for extracting meaning and 'operational intelligence' out of mountains of customer machine data, San Francisco-based Splunk knew it had a challenge. The big data software company needed a better and more secure way to track its intellectual property (IP). Previously, Splunk's documents were stored in several consumer cloud services....