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  • Sponsored By NetSuite AU // May 2015

    Forrester Research Report: Beware the "SaaS" Trap

    There’s a disturbing trend emerging in our client inquiries of late: rising demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and purchases of solutions that are not really SaaS. With the increase demand for organisations to take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency that SaaS offers them, many vendors today are seeing an...

  • Sponsored By NetSuite AU // May 2015

    Frost & Sullivan Research: The Role of Cloud Computing in Industry Transformation

    As cloud computing matures and becomes more established, not just as a technology but as a business concept, organisations are gaining a more nuanced view of its benefits. As with many new services or products, cloud was initially adopted on the basis of its ability to lower both capital and...

  • Sponsored By Cisco // May 2015

    5 Ways Cisco is Transforming Video

    Video conferencing is becoming the tool for collaboration. It’s being adopted quickly, and the demand for affordable, easy-to-use video endpoints is ramping up for every desk, every team room, and every home office. Download this white paper to learn how Cisco is trasforming the way organizations collaborate.

  • Sponsored By Cisco // May 2015

    How-To Guide: Creating Exceptionally Collaborative Workplaces

    In collaborative spaces, people naturally share ideas, which leads to innovation and growth. But how do you design a workplace that provides a highly collaborative atmosphere and that incorporates what people want? According to the Cisco® 2014 Connected World Technology Report, the top 5 workplace trends are: Flexibility and...

  • Sponsored By Cisco // May 2015

    Top 5 Trends That are Transforming Customer Service

    These days, customer service is far more than a simple phone call. Today’s customers want to be taken care of at any time, in any location, on any device. Yesterday’s solutions aren’t enough. Here are five important trends to keep up with in customer service.

  • Sponsored By Dell Software // May 2015

    Strategies for Successfully Managing Privileged Accounts

    See how to prepare your organization for the security, management and governance you need for your superuser accounts. This informative ebook offers perspectives you can use to integrate a successful PAM program.

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Types of cyber-attacks and how to prevent them

    How secure is your network? Explore the four primary strategies cybercriminals employ to infiltrate your network when you read this e-book, and learn how to apply best practices to counter them. Then discover what your firewall needs to do to counter cyber-attacks. Download the e-book today.

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Business Tablets: Productivity Gain Without Management Pain

    Tablets in the workplace present many challenges for IT managers. Choosing enterprise-class devices can minimize the IT hassles, while maximizing user productivity. This in-depth solution guide details the features to look for to overcome common pain points. Sponsored by:

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // May 2015

    ServiceNow - ServiceWatch Economic Impact Study

    Today, enterprises are increasingly dependent on business services delivered by their IT organizations. These services underpin almost every business function, ranging from manufacturing and supply chain through to customer service and online sales. Because of their critical nature, business services need to be highly available and responsive – any disruption...

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // May 2015

    IDC Analys: Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management

    Leading technology research firm, IDC, reports customers using ServiceNow’s suite of cloud-based service management solutions are seeing substantial savings and business value for both their IT and business operations. Download this report to learn how ServiceNow is making employees more productive and IT & business processes more efficient by reducing...

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // May 2015

    Equinix Increases IT and Employee Productivity with ServiceNow Cloud-Based IT Service Automation Solution

    The day-to-day benefits of cloud-based service automation are well-documented. But what can be harder to ascertain is the quantitative benefits, the money saved, and the impact on the company’s bottom line. IDC and Equinix teamed up to crystallize the benefits of true economic benefits of ServiceNow’s IT service automation. Download...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Dell Tablets: a winning combination of PC performance and portability

    Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets deliver a convenient, reliable, and frictionless user experience that combines the best of consumer-driven design with a full business feature set. This guide explains the high-performance capabilities of the Venue 11 Pro and highlights the value that Dell tablets bring to a wide variety of...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // May 2015

    Few Fully Prepared for Software Security Risks

    Hackers penetrate organisations and steal information through vulnerabilities in software applications. Yet less than half of IT organisations have confidence in the security of the software that runs their businesses. And just 11 percent say they know with confidence which applications are at risk. Those are among the findings of...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // May 2015

    State of security operations: 2015 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations

    Your ability to detect and stop cyber attacks depends on the effectiveness of your security operations team. How does yours stack up to the best? And what should you do to improve? HP Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting has assessed the capabilities of 87 security operations centers worldwide. This...

  • Sponsored By Telstra // May 2015

    Customer Centric Cloud- Hype or Hybrid?

    Cloud computing helps organisations to adopt a customer centric business model by enabling them to rapidly provision the new services demanded by their customers. It provides companies with unparalleled agility and flexibility – accelerating speed to value, making leading-edge technology affordable, and enabling business innovation across organisational.

  • Sponsored By HDS // May 2015

    Enterprise NFS NAS for VMware: Ready for Now and the Future

    With virtual machine (VM) growth doubling every year, organizations find that existing hardware infrastructures are unable to keep up with the load. Read this whitepaper and learn more about the benefits of unified platform for deploying highly scalable VMware infrastructures.

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // May 2015

    IDC ExpertROI SPOTLIGHT - Allstate IT Services

    Download this report to learn how ServiceNow is making employees more productive and IT & business processes more efficient by, reducing fragmentations of IT and business environment, automating repeatable processes & Improving service delivery. Read More..

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server 2003: Why You Should Get Current

    Support for Windows Server 2003 is coming to an end. IT research and consulting firm IDC presents this comprehensive white paper that considers the approaching end of extended support for Windows Server 2003, explores the Windows migration options that are available to customers, and outlines the benefits associated with a...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server 2012: Security in the Enterprise

    The cloud, virtualization, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) help make IT's life easier — and the whole organization more agile — but each of these features also presents serious security challenges. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing security in the enterprise 2.0 world, the enhanced security features and...

  • Sponsored By Dell // May 2015

    Windows Server Modernization: Risk Mitigation and Innovation for Future Preparedness Go Hand in Hand

    This IDC white paper considers the approaching end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 and explores Windows Server migration options, hardware/software replacements, and support services to help customers tackle a modernization effort. It also evaluates the benefits that customers may enjoy when they adopt more flexible and more dynamic...