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  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Oct 2014

    Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centres

    Implementing prefabricated modular data centres results in well-understood benefits including speed of deployment, predictability, scalability, and life cycle cost. The process of deploying them – from designing the data centre, to preparing the site, to procuring the equipment, to installation – is quite different than that of a traditional data...

  • Sponsored By Websense // Oct 2014

    The Seven Stages of Advanced Threats

    Today's advanced threats occur in "kill chains" of up to seven stages. These attacks easily evade traditional filtering and anti-virus defences to steal your organisation’s valuable data. Advanced threats can be stopped at any stage — if you deploy the proper cybersecurity solutions. We've prepared a report to...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Virtualization and Cloud Management Solution

    This report provides a side-by-side comparison of leading virtualization and cloud management solutions, looking at IT modernization from a data center infrastructure perspective. It considers the significance of management in the virtualization and cloud environments and how this influences the way in which technology is deployed, used, and controlled. Learn...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    Next Generation Performance Testing with Service Virtualisation and APM

    This report explores some of the issues with traditional APM technologies and strategies, and introduces new tools that can help overcome these issues. Discover how component-based performance testing-supported by service virtualisation and application performance management suite enables you to improve IT productivity, reduce infrastructure costs and increase efficiency of application...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    Case Study: TESCO uses CA Solutions to Monitor, Manage and Grow Their Business

    Check out these videos to see how Tesco has found success with CA’s solutions.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    Bridging the gap between user expectations and IT’s ability to deliver

    Learn why a significant, ongoing disconnect exists between the need and importance of meeting end-user expectations and the ability of IT to do so. A recent study by CIO of four annual surveys finds that although the struggle exists, year after year, improving both end user and customer satisfaction prevails...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    Turning APM into an IT Detective

    This informative report offers best practices to get APM right including common challenges businesses must overcome. Read this CIO report and learn how staffing effects APM, why some APM implementations do not deliver ROI, and how you can avoid the downfall.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    Truth revealed : The real DevOps story

    Smart businesses are seeing real business value out of their use of DevOps—better software quality, faster time to market, and increased revenue. What do they know that you don’t know? To discover the secrets behind the use of DevOps, research firm Vanson Bourne surveyed 1,300 senior IT decision-makers at enterprise...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    It’s all about the App: Mobile Security that helps enable the business

    Mobile applications are hot, but the development and externalisation of services to the mobile platform comes with risk. For many, concerns over security, privacy and platform variation stand in the way of mobile app initiatives. Learn how your organisation can leverage mobile securely and efficiently.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    The New Security

    It’s as much about ensuring consumer confidence as it is about defense and protection—CA security software helps you do both with accelerated app delivery and improved customer engagement with strong and proven enterprise security.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    IT and Enterprise Mobility: IT is Fully Charged and Ready to Roam

    To understand what large organisations are doing on enterprise mobility, CA Technologies engaged research firm Vanson Bourne to survey 1,300 senior I.T. decision-makers at enterprise organisations across five industry verticals in 21 different countries in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    DevOps: The Bridge to Faster Application Delivery

    Accelerating the delivery of new applications and services to market is the core focus of DevOps, which is why 46% of IT leaders surveyed have already adopted the philosophy or are in the process of doing so. Our recent CA/IDG research survey highlights more DevOps trends that are changing the...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps

    Dev and Ops should always be part of an integrated process, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Read this eBook to learn about common pitfalls of DevOps, how you can avoid them, and how to get started on your DevOps journey.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Oct 2014

    The Five Essential Truths of the Application Economy

    We’re in the midst of a business revolution. Customers expect to interact with your products, services and company through software. Learn the five things IT professionals should know about the Application Economy and how it will affect their business, their industry and their careers.

  • Sponsored By Palo Alto Networks // Oct 2014

    Firewall Buyers Guide 2014

    Make an informed decision on the right firewall for your business with The Firewall Buyers Guide. This guide gives you: • The fundamentals of modern firewall technology • The ten critical business requirements your next firewall needs to address • Information on how to create a vendor request for proposal...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    The Forrester Wave: Private Cloud Solutions

    This Forrester Wave report reveals the top vendors in this field based on a 61-criteria evaluation. Discover where each vendor stands out to help I&O professionals select the most full-featured private cloud solution. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By HP // Oct 2014

    Five Myths of Cloud Computing

    This white paper separates Cloud fact from fiction and reality from myth. It is intended to aid IT Executives as they make decisions about Cloud Computing. Learn more...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Sep 2014

    What you really want from Infrastructure Management

    This whitepaper explores the benefits of a complete and unified visualisation system that can monitor everything in IT operations environment, monitoring the performance, and availability of any aspect that support business services.

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Sep 2014

    Why Most Organisations Miss User Response Monitoring – and What to Do About It

    This guide looks at the challenges of user response monitoring, and it shows how you can overcome these challenges and start to get a real handle on your infrastructure performance and how it impacts your user’s experience.

  • Sponsored By Sophos // Sep 2014

    Firewall Buyers Guide

    Five key areas to consider when choosing your next firewall Checklist of the security capabilities you need Questions to ask vendors to make sure they meet your requirements Comparisons of Sophos, Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard