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  • Sponsored By IBM SEA // Nov 2014

    Deploying Enterprise Applications Across Hybrid Cloud

    This video explores how enterprises can easily deploy and manage application patterns across hybrid cloud with the same pre-integrated and automated application platform on both on and off-premises. Download now!

  • Sponsored By IBM SEA // Nov 2014

    SoftLayer Free Trial Offer

    IBM Cloud offers a fast and simple path to deploy and manage traditional applications across hybrid cloud environments. Have a look of this Softlayer trial now!

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Nov 2014

    Nexus at a Glance

    The Cisco ACI makes IT more agile by reducing application deployment time. It does this by providing a common programmable automation and management framework for network, application, security, and virtualization teams. Cisco ACI is built on a fabric foundation that combines hardware, software, and ASIC innovations into an integrated system....

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Nov 2014

    Migrating Your Data Center to an Application Centric Infastructure

    Organizations everywhere recognize that changing application environments are creating new demands for the IT infrastructure, causing a transformation within the data center. There is a need to address key business and technological transitions in terms of application delivery and consumption. As such, data center managers are assessing what new capabilities...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Best Practice Security in a Cloud Enabled World

    This report explores that security in a fast-paced technology-infused world cries for an “invest once and deploy everywhere” approach. For this to be realized, security must be planned in advance and built-in, yet still be fluidly adaptable to circumstances, and singularly controllable.

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Nov 2014

    Why the Nexus 9000 Switching Series Offers the Highest Availability and Reliability Measured in MTBF?

    At the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) this past October 29th and 30th, hosted by JPMorgan Chase in New York City and attended by over 500 influential IT and industry business leaders, virtualized networking overlays and the need for high performance plus reliable underlays was top of mind. With 2014...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Bare Metal Cloud- A Non-Virtualized Cloud Option for Performance-Sensitive Workloads

    This provides the results of a buyer/demand-side survey of U.S. enterprises with 1,000+ employees, involving more than 400 respondents, on their perceptions of the preferred business models & service providers–outsourcers from which they would want to procure private or public cloud & IaaS

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Stepping Into the Cloud- A Practical Guide to Creating and Implementing a Successful Cloud Strategy

    This practical guide offers steps for moving your company into the cloud, at whatever pace you prefer, with a focus on the IBM Cloud portfolio offered by IBM and its partners.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Leveraging the Cloud for your ERP Workload

    This report explores that ERP workloads are too important and complex to risk in a commodity cloud service but too costly and labor-intense to be left out of the cloud strategy suggesting they are best served in a flexible hybrid cloud environ, designed for ERP software, managed by experts

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Leveraging the Cloud for your DevOps Workload

    This report explores that by choosing the right PaaS, an IT organization can align development and operations resources, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, cost-effectively, and error-free.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Leveraging the Cloud for your Big Data Workload

    This report explores how with the right partner, enterprises can ensure that their Big Data workloads perform consistently, securely, and cost effectively while delivering to a line-of-business colleagues’ need for on-demand, real-time analytics to make smart business decisions.

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Nov 2014

    Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Overview

    Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is easy to set up, manage, and use - enabling companies to meet their security and compliance requirements while providing a simple sign-in experience for their users. Watch this video to see how the service works and how it is enabled for both on-premises applications and...

  • Sponsored By Microsoft // Nov 2014

    Predictive Modelling with Azure ML studio

    This video walks through steps to building, scoring and evaluating a predictive model in Azure Machine Learning. Azure Machine Learning features a pallets of modules to build a predictive model, including state of the art ML algorithms such as Scalable boosted decision trees, Bayesian Recommendation systems, Deep Neural Networks and...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Nov 2014

    How to Survive and Thrive in the Application Economy

    CA Technologies commissioned a global survey of 1,425 senior business executives to understand the impact the application economy is having on enterprises, and uncover the differences between those companies that are thriving (the “leaders”) and those who are struggling (the “laggards”). The application economy leaders experienced more than double the...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Nov 2014

    Forrester Report: Software Must Enrich Your Brand

    Whether you realise it or not, software has become core to your business success. A perfect technology storm of mobile apps, connected products, social connections, data analytics, and cloud computing continually raises customer expectations for quality in every industry. Customers expect to interact with your products, services, and company —...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Nov 2014

    Research Report - DevOps: The Worst-Kept Secret to Winning in the Application Economy

    DevOps is a best practice for any enterprise trying to succeed in the application economy and successful practitioners report an increase in the availability of new software, higher quality apps and better collaboration. Download this report now to see the full results of this study and find out how to...

  • Sponsored By CA Technologies // Nov 2014

    The Top Five Signs You Need DevOps

    Is the ongoing battle between development and operations restricting your organisation from reaching its fullest potential? Read on to learn the 5 critical signs you need to bring them together with DevOps, and how taking such an approach can help your organisation boost business performance.

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Networking for a Smarter Data Centre: Getting it right

    This paper explores how a holistic management approach to networks, servers, storage and applications can aid in the evolution to a smarter data centre and drive optimal value for the organisation. Download this whitepaper now and learn how your organisation can leverage virtualisation for deploying services efficiently and responding to...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security - New technologies are pushing networks to the breaking point

    Much has been written about cloud, big data, mobile, social, and IT security as significant forces that are transforming information technology and business. Much less has been said about the impact of these forces on networking—or about the role that networks play when business initiatives are based on them. Download...

  • IBM

    Sponsored By IBM // Nov 2014

    Frost & Sullivan 2014 IBM Awards: Customer Value Leadership Award for Mobile Identity and Access Management Solution

    This Frost & Sullivan best practices research paper details why IBM have been provided their 2014 Customer Value Leadership in the Mobile Identity and Access Management because of IBM's outstanding performance.