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  • Sponsored By ObserveIT // Dec 2014

    Webinar: How Zerox Leverages User Activity Monitoring

    Learn how Xerox has taken a new approach to improve information security by leveraging user activity monitoring. Join Arvo Bowen for a live webcast on January 21 at 11am EST. See how Xerox identifies user-based risks before they become a security incident.

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Moving to Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations

    Businesses are embracing public cloud because it promises increased agility and scalability. But it can also introduce complexity, interoperability, and security concerns. Hybrid cloud is emerging as a way to mitigate those concerns by providing the right combination of internal controls with the ability to securely scale to meet business...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Tech Tips: How to Get Started with VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

    Few companies can afford operational disruption, yet IT budgets remain flat and can’t encompass the growing need for additional resiliency measures to protect critical-business applications. The recovery-as-a-service offering from VMware, VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery, helps you fulfill the need to implement or supplement your organization’s continuity plans while addressing...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    A Guide to Hybrid Cloud

    Businesses are looking for a more flexible IT framework that can adapt to today’s rapidly changing and global environment…learn more

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Top Three Reasons to Use vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

    Traditional disaster recovery solutions are expensive and complex. That’s making disaster recovery in the cloud a compelling alternative for many small-to-mid sized companies. Cloud solutions are more affordable, require less commitment, and offer more capacity—an ideal combination for resource-strapped organizations. VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery is easy to deploy and...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Ten Reasons to choose vCloud Air- Infographic

    More than 30% of organizations expect that within three years, they’ll access 45.5% of IT resources through some form of cloud—public, private, or hybrid.* That’s an impressive number, and there’s a reason for it: the cloud is packed with benefits. And if you’re a VMware customer, you’re already halfway there....

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    A Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

    Most organizations know they need to protect their business critical information to minimize downtime in the event of outages, failures, disasters and other disruptions. But not all companies have the budget, expertise, or time to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan...learn more

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    5 Hybrid Cloud Starting Points Infographic

    Did you know that more than 50% of organizations are already using or planning a move to hybrid cloud? And that these same IT leaders expect to double their hybrid cloud budget over the next two years? VMware customers are seamlessly extending their on-premises data center built on the trusted...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    5 Hybrid Cloud Starting Points

    Many businesses are beginning to understand that hybrid cloud can provide the best of both worlds: on-demand access to much-needed IT resources, and the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs. The most common question is not “Why hybrid cloud?” but “How do we get started?”...

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    Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Top 5 Reasons for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

    There is no question that every business wants to protect their operations from downtime and loss of data. But many companies don’t have the internal expertise or budget to implement the disaster recovery plan they need. Traditional disaster recovery solutions typically cost too much; they’re too complex; and they are...

  • Sponsored By VMware // Dec 2014

    Vmware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Inforgraphic

    Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and loss of data. But today, there are more applications, systems and data to protect than ever before. To put it simply, business—and the technology that supports it—is evolving too fast. Like many, you may find that you lack the time...

  • Sponsored By Cisco // Dec 2014

    Infographic - Accelerating 40G Adoption

    An Infographic from Cisco looking at accelerating 40G adoption. It explores the trends driving the 40G upgrades as well as what it means for you Data Center. Download this Infographic to learn more.

  • EMC

    Sponsored By EMC // Dec 2014

    Managing the Unmanageable: A Better Way to Manage Storage

    While traditional storage methods have worked fairly well in the past, the fact is that today, they are just not good enough, fast enough, efficient enough, cost-effective enough or easy enough to use. Find out how you can meet the challenges of scalability and availability in this informative whitepaper.

  • EMC

    Sponsored By EMC // Dec 2014

    Innovative storage platform for demanding agency data workflows

    Data at government institutions and agencies is growing at a rapid rate. Massive data growth is driven by a cross section of very data-rich applications. Applications vary from agency to agency and while there may be variances among applications and workflow, government agencies share the need to effectively address the...

  • Sponsored By M1 // Dec 2014

    2014 ZDNet Report - Reducing Infrastructure Cost and Complexity Through Colocation

    The growing complexity of managing datacentres is forcing organisations to take a hard look at co-location as a viable alternative to maintaining their in-house datacentre needs. Co-location will allow organisations to have the facilities they need, with provided space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking...

  • Sponsored By HP // Dec 2014

    Does Application Security Pay?

    Measuring the Business Impact of Software Security Assurance Solutions With the escalating number and increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, perimeter defenses are no longer enough. Enterprises must ensure application vulnerabilities don't open doors for hackers. Mainstay surveyed 12 organisations that implemented application vulnerability testing with HP Fortify. Their...

  • Sponsored By HP // Dec 2014

    IT Security: Midsize Businesses Face Enterprise-Caliber Threats

    The number of cyber attacks against midsize companies has doubled in the last year. And cost per employee is more than three times that of larger companies. While midsize organisations often lack the sophisticated defenses of large enterprises, many fail to recognise their vulnerability and are overconfident in their ability...

  • Sponsored By HP // Dec 2014

    Mobile Risk Report - Forbes list of Global 2000

    The Mobile Risk Report presents the major findings of HP Security Research’s comprehensive dive into today’s cyber vulnerability and mobile threat landscape. It provides information you need to effectively plan your cyber security strategy and deploy your defenses. Download this report to know the report findings of more than...

  • Sponsored By HP // Dec 2014

    2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime

    The incidence and cost of cyber crime is escalating. The headlines show us that. But now the Ponemon Institute provides the numbers you need to plan and manage your investments in cyber security. One of the major findings of the 2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime is...

  • Sponsored By IronKey // Dec 2014

    IronKey Enterprise Management Console Video

    Centrally administer access and usage policies across thousands of IronKey Enterprise flash drives and Workspace drives with the cloud-based or on-premise IronKey™ Enterprise Management Service or Server. Securely recover access to user devices, force a device to be in read-only mode, remotely force password changes, and re-commission devices that are...