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  • Sponsored By Avnet // Apr 2015

    HP ArcSight Logger: Unify collection, storage, & analysis of logs for security and compliance

    With HP ArcSight Logger you can improve everything from compliance and risk management to security intelligence to IT operations to efforts that prevent insider and advanced persistent threats. This universal log management solution collects machine data from any log-generating source and unifies the data for searching, indexing, reporting, analysis, and...

  • Sponsored By Avnet // Apr 2015

    Playbook: HP Logger for Security Compliance and Operations Management

    Uncover and develop new prospects for log management solutions that support Security, Compliance, Operations, and Application development teams. Read more and see how HP Logger solves the problem of log management and value-add versus competitors.

  • Sponsored By Avnet // Apr 2015

    HP Security Research Cyber Risk Report 2015

    The HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings you the information you need to understand today's threat landscape and how hackers exploit it. Learn the key takeaways and conclusions of this important research.

  • Sponsored By Avnet // Apr 2015

    Unifying security and IT operations

    This whitepaper outlines a unified approach across security and operations, articulates why it matters to your enterprise, and provides a foundation for implementing it.

  • Sponsored By ServiceNow // Mar 2015

    Build a Business Case: Developing Custom Apps

    Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

  • Sponsored By Intel/Microsoft // Mar 2015

    Modernize Your SMB

    By modernizing your SMB with Windows Server 2012 R2 running on Intel Xeon processor-based servers, you can maximize performance, security, and compliance. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider a powerful new Intel Xeon Processor E5-based platform that will enable you to respond rapidly to...

  • Sponsored By Intel/Microsoft // Mar 2015

    Planning Guide: Modernizing Servers and Software

    Many companies today are simply “getting by” with their existing IT infrastructure. If you’re one of those companies, you know that this can mean something as simple as slower performance or as complex as needing a workaround for service delivery. Organizations are now moving toward virtualization and modern cloud options,...

  • Sponsored By Intel/Microsoft // Mar 2015

    SMB Planning Guide: Modernizing Servers and Software

    To maintain your lead in today’s business environment, you need to get the most out of every investment. Virtualization gives you the capability to run more applications on a single server, helping you save on hardware costs and power bills This report will examine how SMBs today are capitalising on...

  • Sponsored By Intel/Microsoft // Mar 2015

    Modernize Your Data Centre

    As of July 2015, support for Windows Server 2003 will end. Organisations who don’t act now will be at risk, whether from compromised applications, data theft, or failure to meet regulatory requirements. Compliance – Failure to meet compliance requirements from HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, and others can bring workflows to a...

  • Sponsored By APC by Schneider Electric // Mar 2015

    TCO Analysis of a Traditional Data Center vs. a Scalable, Prefabricated Data Center

    Standardized, scalable, pre-assembled, and integrated data center facility power and cooling modules provide a “total cost of ownership” (TCO) savings of 30% compared to traditional, built-out data center power and cooling infrastructure. Avoiding overbuilt capacity and scaling the design over time contributes to a significant percentage of the overall savings....

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    Enterprise Software Security Strategies Pulse Report Gatepoint Research

    Whether you develop software in-house, outsource development, or customize large commercial applications, you open the door to cyber attacks if your software contains vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. This survey report by Gatepoint Research explores the extent to which IT organizations employ application security testing and remediation solutions. Read the...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    State of security operations: 2015 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations

    Your ability to detect and stop cyber attacks depends on the effectiveness of your security operations team. How does yours stack up to the best? And what should you do to improve? HP Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting has assessed the capabilities of 87 security operations centers worldwide. This...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    HP Cyber Risk Report 2015

    Today's cyber world is an evolving landscape of known vulnerabilities and exploits coupled with new threats brought by new technologies. Security professionals must learn to protect their businesses from both. The HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings the information you need to do that. This comprehensive study provides a...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    Take Control of your Mobile Reality

    Maintaining control of your mobile applications is crucial at every stage of the lifecycle. What kind of solution can integrate mobile technology and improve the overall experience for users? Explore how the HP Mobile Center can help you manage mobile applications across the lifecycle, from concept through deployment to...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    Mobile Testing: Follow these Five Steps to Simplify and Accelerate App Testing

    The rapid pace of mobile apps demands new approaches to all types of testing. To bring high-quality software to market quickly, your organisation needs a strategy that covers all aspects of mobile testing from application level testing to real devices and from functional to performance, to network and security. This...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    Three Key Objectives for Mobile Testing

    Mobility is dominating in today's world, and depends on billions of unique factors such as users, apps, and platforms. However, the risk is huge when it comes to mobile applications. When a mobile app fails, approximately 48% of users are less likely to use the app again-resulting in a huge...

  • Sponsored By Hewlett-Packard (HP) // Mar 2015

    Deliver Mobile Apps: A Lifecycle Approach to Mobile Testing and Development

    This whitepaper describes software and services that accelerate and simplify the creation of internally developed or “in-house” enterprise mobile applications. It also describes how to deploy and manage these mobile apps on both company-provided and BYOD smartphones and tablet computers. Solving the complete mobile app lifecycle means transforming enterprise apps...

  • Sponsored By Cisco Systems // Mar 2015

    Best Practices Approach for Migrating to Richer Collaboration

    Businesses are exploring new delivery models to support this increased collaboration. They are considering a variety of models, such as on premises, cloud (public/private), and/or hybrid, to gain flexibility, simplified management, and more consistent services. They are also considering a variety of infrastructure options like dedicated, hosted, and/or virtualized. Cisco®...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Mar 2015

    Data Sheet : Symantec Endpoint Encryption - Get you facts right

    In an era where cyber-attacks are growing and becoming increasingly sophisticated, it's not surprising to find that the number of data breaches has also grown exponentially. Regulatory requirements make encryption a necessity for many. Companies that need to comply with regulations such as PCIDSS or HIPAA must have an auditable...

  • Sponsored By Symantec // Mar 2015

    Data Sheet : Symantec Endpoint Security - Get you facts right

    Malware has evolved from large-scale massive attacks to include Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats that cannot be stopped by antivirus alone. It’s time to move beyond antivirus. Download this report to learn how you can focus on your business without compromising security or performance with Symantec™ Endpoint Protection providing:...