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  • SAP

    Sponsored By SAP // Aug 2014

    Grow Your Business with Confidence Using SAP Business One

    In this whitepaper Grow Your Business with Confidence Using SAP Business One evaluates the benefits of having a single solution to run the entire business and provides strategic insights that leads to solid decision making. Read this whitepaper and learn how other growing businesses have benefited from using SAP Business...

  • Sponsored By SAP // Aug 2014

    All the Benefits of SAP Business One OnDemand

    Discover how SAP Business One delivered huge benefits for both operations and customer service in many organisations. Download this whitepaper and learn on how SAP helped organisations increase business insights while reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • Sponsored By SAP // Aug 2014

    Aberdeen Group :Infographic ERP Simplify Life at Work

    This Aberdeen's research provides the latest findings on the challenges for businesses without a single system. Read this infographic and learn how a single system provides accurate, easy to find data that enables visibility, collaboration and increase efficiency.

  • Sponsored By SAP // Aug 2014

    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting for SMBs

    SAP solution brief providing insights on the latest advances in in-memory computing technology for analysis and reporting. Explore the benefits of analytics and make decisions faster, improve employee productivity and increase ROI.

  • Sponsored By Workday // Aug 2014

    Infographic: the power of the cloud

    Large enterprises today require greater flexibility and increased innovation from their IT function to compete on a global scale - yet technology consumption is changing and IT budgets are anything but growing. It’s time for a new approach. Review the infographic below to learn how and why European IT...

  • Sponsored By Workday // Aug 2014

    Infographic: Understanding the real value of Big Data

    Big Data continues to create new ways of gathering and analyzing information. In the latest research by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, a real-world lens of big data is provided for all sorts of organizations. See this infographic read to discover why big data matters to you and your organization.

  • Sponsored By Intel Software // Aug 2014

    Announcing the New Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015

    Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 is an advanced, comprehensive tool suite that simplifies debugging and tuning, and speeds development. Available in C, C ++, and FORTRAN. Speed time to market: Composer Edition: Includes industry-leading compilers and libraries that are optimized for creating fast parallel code. Professional Edition: Everything in...

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Gartner Malware Newsletter

    Businesses have relied on endpoint defenses like anti-virus software for protection against malware. But endpoint defenses alone are not sufficient and Gartner recommends businesses balance their investment across all four phases of the Gartner adaptive security architecture: predict, prevent, detect, and respond. Download this research report to learn how HP...

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Security Considerations When Undergoing a Network Refresh

    Corporate networks are under a constant state of siege - not just from threats but from the pressure of supporting the ever-growing number of clients, devices and platforms that have resulted from the BYOD phenomena. Network demands will only increase as we move to the internet of things adding sensors...

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    Building a Better Network Security Strategy

    In today's global, always-on world, network security is crucial. Enterprises need to ensure that employees accessing their networks are secure at all times. A comprehensive network security solution needs to include a number of factors, including • Network reliability • Resources for managing the network • Network features and...

  • Sponsored By NetApp // Aug 2014

    Interactive Infographic: A Personal Training Guide for Your Journey to the Cloud

    Is your IT infrastructure healthy or is it struggling to meet the intensifying demands placed on it by today's evolving business environment?, are emerging trends in cloud computing, big data, mobility, and security making your IT organisation leaner, smarter and more agile, or is it making it obsolete, unresponsive, and...

  • Sponsored By Truphone // Aug 2014

    Video: TruPhone Western Pegasus

    Find out how global gauge supplier, Western Pegasus, maximize business opportunities across the world with Truphone’s unique mobile solution.

  • Sponsored By Truphone // Aug 2014

    2014 International business communication trends

    A recent survey of Australian businesses found that over 40 per cent of businesses face major challenges in managing the cost of international communications. With three in five respondents sending employees abroad for business four times a year, and one in 10 experiencing mobile bills of over $5000 from a...

  • Sponsored By Truphone // Aug 2014

    The disconnect between Australian business travellers and IT directors on international mobile usage

    A survey of IT managers and business travellers found a significant disconnect around policy when staying connected for business, and uncovered a number of business impacts to limiting mobile usage globally.

  • Sponsored By Google Apps for Business // Aug 2014

    Infographic: Personal Devices at Work

    Employees behaviors are changing. This infographic explores the implications of BYOD and how Google Apps for Business helps users work seamlessly across all the devices they choose to use. View the infographic and see the latest trends.

  • Sponsored By Google Apps for Business // Aug 2014

    Webinar: See how Woolworths innovates using Google Enterprise products

    In this webinar, Google has helped renowned retailer Woolworths increase customer satisfaction, improve communication among their employees, and streamline administrative tasks across the entire business. Watch the video and learn how Google’s enterprise technology can transform your organisation by giving you the tools to grow, innovate, and face new...

  • Sponsored By IBM // Aug 2014

    2014 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Security Information and Event Management

    IBM Security QRadar received an "Excellent" product viability rating again by Gartner in its Critical Capabilities for SIEM report. The report assesses 13 SIEM technologies by evaluating the capabilities that are critical for the support of threat management, compliance, and general SIEM deployment use cases. Gartner notes that SIEM...

  • Sponsored By CommVault Systems // Aug 2014

    5 Strategies for Modern Data Protection

    It’s no secret that today’s unprecedented data growth, datacenter consolidation and server virtualization are wreaking havoc with conventional approaches to backup and recovery. Read the five strategies for modern data protection that will not only help solve your current data management challenges but also ensure that you’re poised to meet...

  • Sponsored By HP // Aug 2014

    HP Networking Portfolio: Delivering ROI and Value from Edge to Core

    IDC is observing a once-in-a-generation shift in computing and technology that we refer to as the rise of the “3rd Platform.” The 1st Platform was the rise of computing in general. The 2nd Platform was ushered in by the PC and client/server paradigm, enabling greater personalization of computing and networked...

  • Sponsored By Kaseya // Aug 2014

    Managing the Complexity of Today's Hybrid IT Environments

    There are many factors driving the complexity of IT today, each making it harder for organizations to get their hands around IT. As a result IT managers, need new ways to effectively manage and secure their environment and ensure IT service and business success. Read this whitepaper to...