A 65 nm 2-Billion Transistor Quad-Core Itanium Processor

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Executive Summary

This paper describes an Itanium processor implemented in 65 nm process with 8 layers of Cu interconnect. The 21.5 mm by 32.5 mm die has 2.05B transistors. The processor has four dual-threaded cores, 30 MB of cache, and a system interface that operates at 2.4 GHz at 105 C. High speed serial interconnects allow for peak processor-to-processor bandwidth of 96 GB/s and peak memory bandwidth of 34 GB/s. The next generation in the Intel Itanium processor family code named Tukwila is described. The 21.5 mm by 32.5 mm die contains 2.05 billion transistors, making it the first two billion transistor microprocessor ever reported.

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