A CMOS Ultra Low-Power and Highly Efficient UWB-IR Transmitter for WPAN Applications

Date Added: Feb 2010
Format: PDF

This brief presents an on - off LC oscillator-based Ultra-WideBand impulse radio (UWB-IR) transmitter for long-range application. A thorough theoretical analysis of the pulse generation is provided. Implemented in a 0.18-?m CMOS, the transmitter works in the UWB lower band of 3 - 5 GHz and consumes an ultralow average power of 236 ?W at 1.8-V power supply. UWB pulses with a bandwidth of 2 GHz and 10-dB sidelobe suppression are generated. The transmitter can deliver a large differential output swing of 4.9 V under 100-? load with the highest power efficiency of 25.4% to date. It is targeted for Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) and Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) applications.