A Collector Overlay Architecture for Fault Diagnosis in Access Networks

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Executive Summary

To prevent subscriber churn, network service providers of VoD, SDV and IPTV have a pressing need to pro-actively detect, isolate and fix outages within an access network. Network induced degradations prove to be detrimental for streaming applications. This typically leads to a poor Quality of Experience (QoE) for subscribers. By monitoring key functional points of the access network for traces of degradation, service providers can devise mechanisms to mitigate the problem. In this paper, the authors propose a hierarchy of exporters, collectors and ANCON (ANalysis and CONtrol) nodes that can semi-autonomously monitor, detect and isolate impairments within an access network. Exporters on the data plane gather and disseminate statistics for individual subnets, which are streamed onto "Collector" nodes on an orthogonal plane.

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