A Collision-Free MAC Scheme for Multimedia Wireless Mesh Backbone

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Executive Summary

Wireless mesh networking is a promising wireless technology for future broadband Internet access. In this paper, a novel collision-free Medium Access Control (MAC) scheme supporting multimedia applications is proposed for wireless mesh backbone. The proposed scheme is distributed, simple, and scalable. Benefiting from the fixed locations of wireless routers, the proposed MAC scheme reduces the control overhead greatly as compared with conventional contention-based MAC schemes (e.g., IEEE 802.11). In addition, the proposed scheme can provide guaranteed priority access to real-time traffic and, at the same time, ensure fair channel access to the routers with data traffic. Unlike most of the existing MAC schemes which focus on single-hop transmissions, the proposed MAC scheme takes the intra-flow correlations between up-stream and downstream hops of a multi-hop flow into consideration.

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