A Common Meta-Model for Data Analysis Based on DSM

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Executive Summary

Problems are often created by advanced support systems because they are not only highly expensive but also difficult to implement. In such a case, small and medium scale businesses are often unable to afford the systems. Therefore this paper is dedicated to solving the problem of data collection and analysis task by creating a Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) which is based on a top-down approach. For this purpose they make use of Domain Specific Language (DSL) which is a group of specific languages that have a special purpose. With the help of DSL it is possible to make a large problem look small and makes the rendering of several web pages an easy task. It also specifies a technique that helps in identifying a particular problem and creates a series of patterns so that there is relationship among the different expressions in the language. The paper accounts a research conducted by R&D Division Health Escherweg 2 Oldenburg, Germany to implement this specialized analytic information systems. They developed a special platform which goes by the name of Multidimensional Statistical Data Analysis Engine (MUSTANG) and the research was conducted on a data warehouse. The division also went forward and used this new top-down approach in a step by step manner to extend the MUSTANG platform to accommodate data analysis on the DSM basis. The result was a cost efficient platform that required minimum of manual programming. The DSM made it easy to extend MUSTANG and data integration made possible in that single meta-model.

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