A Formal Implementation of Database Security

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Executive Summary

Database security is attained through a well organized execution of the specifications, with no effect on its uniqueness. These specifications of object oriented database system are also covered in the paper. This paper investigates the execution of security methods in an object oriented database system. It considers execution and specification issues in a database security environment. Authorization specifications are described as an essential factor in computer security. The purpose of authorization is to manage admission to the system. Users who have been authorized to perform authorized actions on the system's data resource are only permitted. This paper discusses a wide range of logic authorization specification methods that have been proposed. These current works highlight enhancing the significant authority of the authorization rules, their assessment, extensions and delegations. However, the execution of effectiveness for power formalizations is not considered seriously. The paper proposes a logic specification and execution method for database security that is object oriented. It aims to propose a proper specification and authorizing policies of accessing an object oriented database. It also investigates the specification execution for a secure database system. In conclusion, the paper throws light of the ongoing task to investigate the mapping of the approval system to the execution of logic programs.

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