A Framework for the Establishment of Inter-Domain, On-Demand VPNs

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Executive Summary

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a popular and cost-effective means to build wide-area corporate networks, since they provide bandwidth, privacy and security for a fraction of the cost of private networks. However, establishing VPNs across different domains (inter-domain VPNs) is still a cumbersome task, requiring human-based negotiation between involved carriers, manual configuration of network equipment and inefficient exploitation procedures during the whole VPN lifecycle. For these reasons, inter-domain VPNs are usually contracted in a long-term basis and thus appropriate only for a limited set of usage scenarios. In this paper, the authors propose a framework for efficient provisioning of inter-domain VPNs, comprising a business layer for inter-carrier negotiation and orchestration, policy-based mechanisms for intra-domain resource management, and RFC 4364-based mechanisms for configuration of VPNs.

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