A Hybrid Packet-Circuit Switched On-Chip Network Based on SDM

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Executive Summary

This paper proposes a novel on-chip communication scheme by dividing the resources of a traditional packet-switched network-on-chip between a packet-switched and a circuit-switched sub-network. The former directs packets according to the traditional packet-switching mechanism, while the latter forwards packets over circuits which are directly established between two non-adjacent nodes by bypassing the intermediate routers. A packet may switch between the sub-networks several times to reach its destination. The circuits are set up using a low-latency and low-cost setup-network. The network resources are split between the two sub-networks using Spatial-Division Multiplexing (SDM). The work aims to improve the power and performance metrics of Network-on-Chip (NoC) architectures and benefits from the power and scalability advantage of packet-switched NoCs and superior communication performance of circuit-switching.

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