A Identity Authentication Based on Fingerprint Identification

Security of communication is guaranteed by the security of cipher code system. But to remember the password is difficult, and to steal the password is easy. The fingerprint is the personal biometric feature. It is different from others'. To pick up the fingerprint is convenient for people. Counterfeiting it is extremely difficult. So, the message of people' fingerprint is able to replace the password availably in digit communication. The user picks up the fingerprint in the client. By fingerprint identification, the server is able to recognize the identity of the user. Then they can communicate one another by using the new cipher code acquired after identifying the fingerprint. The procedure of the communication between the client and server based on the platform uses receiving the public key of the servers, encrypting fingerprint, sending message encrypted to server and the server receiving the encrypted message from the client. The secure platform of identity authentication based on fingerprint identification which in some extent could improve the security. The process producing digit certification, due to the personal fingerprint, birth data, sex, address, etc., is given. The reference copy of the personal identification paper is ID card, such as the second generation identity ID card. The biometric data is paper, instead of storing in the biometric database, which greatly promotes the security of Automated Fingerprint Identification system.

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