A Low-Complexity, Full-Rate, Full-Diversity 2 ? 2 STBC with Golden Code's Coding Gain

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Executive Summary

This paper presents a low-ML-decoding-complexity, full-rate, full-diversity Space-Time Block Code (STBC) for a 2 transmit antenna, 2 receive antenna Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) system, with coding gain equal to that of the best and well known Golden code for any QAM constellation. Recently, two codes have been proposed (by Paredes, Gershman and Alkhansari and by Sezginer and Sari), which enjoy a lower decoding complexity relative to the Golden code, but have lesser coding gain. The 2 ? 2 STBC presented in this paper has lesser decoding complexity for non-square QAM constellations, compared with that of the Golden code, while having the same decoding complexity for square QAM constellations.

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