A Low Cost 3D CAD Model Visualization Interface for Manufacturing Industries

It is the dream of all manufacturing industries to possess a cost effective 3D CAD Model Visualization Interface. With this feature the industries aim to manipulate the models in totality and facilitate productivity. The challenges faced by manufacturing industries center around reduced efficiency, inoperability, more time in product development cycle, and increased operational costs. With 3D CAD Model Visualization, they aim to solve this problem to a great extent. There are commercial products in the market that do the modeling job but each one comes with its own set of problems. They have high licensing fee, takes up a lot of computer storage space, and uses up a lot of memory. 3D models are usually of gigantic size owing to their geometric information. The software that is talked about in this informative paper is an interesting package that fulfills all the goals of the industries and more. The CAD software can be categorized into native file formats and standard file formats. But native file formats do not generally allow files of a different format. These files are readable, structured and easy to use. The language used in 3D exchange format files is called Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). All these features combined with cost effectiveness, transparency, editing capabilities and other application features contributed to using this software. It helps manufacturing industries to go into the production stage with ease and enhanced production capabilities.

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