A Low-Power Wideband CMOS LNA for WiMAX

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Executive Summary

In this brief, the design of a low-power inductorless wideband Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) for worldwide interoperability for microwave access covering the frequency range from 0.1 to 3.8 GHz using 0.13- m CMOS is described. The core consumes 1.9 mW from a 1.2-V supply. The chip performance achieves ?11 below 10 dB across the entire band and a minimum noise figure of 2.55 dB. The simulated third-order input intercept point is 2.7 dBm. The voltage gain reaches a peak of 11.2 dB in-band with an upper 3-dB frequency of 3.8 GHz, which can be extended to reach 6.2 GHz using shunt inductive peaking. A figure of merit is devised to compare the proposed designs to recently published wideband CMOS LNAs.

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