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A Network Entry Protocol and an OFDMA Symbol Allocation Scheme for Non-Transparent Relay Stations in IEEE 802.16j MMR Networks

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Executive Summary

A Relay Station (RS) in IEEE 802.16j Mobile Multi-hop Relay (MMR) networks provides access links to far-off Subscriber Stations (SSs) and hidden subscriber stations. The RS also relays data from a base station and other RSs while maintaining backward compatibility with legacy subscriber stations in existing IEEE 802.16 networks. Much research is being performed to finalize the standard; however, how an RS in the MMR network is assigned OFDMA symbol resources as an MMR network is enlarged by adding more RSs is not certain. In this paper, the authors propose a new network entry protocol for non-transparent RSs to handle hidden SSs and far-off SSs. A new OFDMA symbol allocation scheme for RSs in the MMR network is investigated in the literature.

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