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A New Perspective on Experimental Analysis of N-Tier Systems: Evaluating Database Scalability, Multi-Bottlenecks, and Economical Operation

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Executive Summary

Economical configuration planning, component performance evaluation, and analysis of bottleneck phenomena in N-tier applications are serious challenges due to design requirements such as non-stationary workloads, complex non-modular relationships, and global consistency management when replicating database servers, for instance. The authors have conducted an extensive experimental evaluation of N-tier applications, which adopts a purely empirical approach the aforementioned challenges, using the RUBBoS benchmark. As part of the analysis of the exceptionally rich dataset, they have experimentally investigated database server scalability, bottleneck phenomena identification, and iterative data refinement for configuration planning. The experiments detailed in this paper are comprised of a full scale-out mesh with up to nine database servers and three application servers.

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