A Non-Repudiable Biased Bitstring Key Agreement Protocol (NBBKAP) Using Conjugacy Problem in Non-Abelian Group

The Key exchange problems are of central interest in security world. The basic aim is that two people who can only communicate via an insecure channel want to find a common secret key without any attack. In this paper, the authors elaborated the process for well secured and assured for sanctity of correctness about the sender's and receiver's identity, as Non-repudiable Biased Bit-string Key Agreement Protocol (NBBKAP) using conjugacy problem in non-abelian group. A common cryptographic technique to encrypt each individual conversation with a separate key. This is called a session key, because it is used for only one particular communication session,. In this protocol, they assume Alice & bob are users of network, each share secret key with the KDC (Trent).

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) Topic: Security Date Added: Sep 2010 Format: PDF

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