A Novel Impairment Aware RWA Algorithm With Consideration for QoT Estimation Inaccuracy

In all-optical networks the physical layer impairments accumulate along a lightpath and also vary dynamically, and a number of Impairment Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment (IA-RWA) techniques have been proposed in order to mitigate the physical layer impairments and find lightpaths that meet a required Quality of Transmission (QoT) constraint predefined by the network operator. However, in order to compute lightpaths, IA-RWAs typically rely on analytical models, which cannot be guaranteed to be fully accurate, and hence acceptance of lightpaths with poor QoT or rejection of lightpaths with acceptable QoT may ensue.

Provided by: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Topic: Networking Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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