A Novel Mobility Management for Seamless Handover in Vehicle-To-Vehicle/Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2V/V2I) Networks

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Executive Summary

With the rapidly increasing demand of traffic applications, the need to support seamless multimedia services in the Vehicular WIreless NETworks and Vehicular Intelligent Transportation Systems (V-WINET/V-ITS) is growing. Several mobility support protocols such as the Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and the Fast handover for the MIPv6 (FMIPv6) have been developed to support seamless handover. However, MIPv6 depreciates Quality-of-Service (QoS) especially for multimedia service applications due to the long handover latency and the packet loss problem. FMIPv6 tries to solve these problems of MIPv6 through handover prediction but the high speed and sudden direction change of vehicles make predictions inaccurate.

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