A Novel Optical Mesh Network-on-Chip for Gigascale Systems-on-Chip

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Executive Summary

Nanoscale CMOS technologies are posing new Network-on-Chip (NoC) concepts to gigascale System-on-Chip (SoCs). However, electronic network on chip designs face several problems like energy consumption, bandwidth and latency. Optical NoC (ONoC) promises to solve these problems. The advances in nanoscale photonic technology make ONoCs possible. This paper proposes a new non-blocking optical router, OXY, and uses it to build a 2D mesh ONoC. OXY based optical mesh NoC fully utilizes the properties of XY routing in 2D networks, and significantly reduce the number of microring resonators required for ONoCs. Authors compared OXY based optical mesh NoC with three other schemes in number of microring resonators, loss and energy consumption. The results show that OXY based optical mesh NoC achieves the best in all the comparisons.

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