A Numerical Comparison Between LSSTC and VBLAST in Wireless Systems

Date Added: Mar 2011
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In this paper, the authors evaluate a recently proposed Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) system called the Layered Steered Space-Time Codes (LSSTC) that combines the benefits of Vertical Bell Labs Space-Time (VBLAST) scheme, Space-Time Block Codes (STBC) and beamforming. This evaluation is done by comparing the capacity and the error rate of LSSTC to the well-known MIMO system, known as VBLAST. For that, they derive a formula for the instantaneous capacity of single-user LSSTC. In addition, an adaptive scheme that is based on LSSTC and VBLAST systems is proposed. This scheme selects the configuration and the modulation scheme in order to improve the performance.