A Performance Comparison of AMD Opteron™ Processors with Microsoft® Hyper-V™Server 2008 R2

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Executive Summary

Virtualization is becoming almost a necessity due in part to economic reasons but also in order to take full advantage of the sheer processing power offered by today's technology. This eventually leads to the question "how far will my servers scale in a virtual environment"? To demonstrate the relative scaling capabilities of Dell?PowerEdge? Servers with AMD Opteron? processors running Microsoft? Hyper-V?Server 2008 R2, Dell conducted a proof of concept to compare several server configurations.

The Open Source DVD Store benchmark was used throughout with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, running in virtual machines on the Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 host system. Dell compared the performance difference of the Six-Core AMD Opteron models -- the 8435 and 2435 - with the 2384 Quad-Core, and 2222 Dual-Core in the Dell PowerEdge M905 and M605 blade servers.

The tests proved that Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 was able to continue to support more virtual machines as additional processor cores and memory were available to the server. Although the number of virtual machines each processor or system is able to support will vary with the actual workload, the relative performance comparisons presented in this paper can be used to help determine which system and processor configuration might best fit a particular need.

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