A Policy Oriented Multi-Interface Selection Framework for Mobile IPv6 Using the ID/Locator Split Concepts in the Next Generation Wireless Networks

Date Added: Feb 2010
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Next Generation Wireless Networks (NGWNs) will be the convergence of fixed and mobile networking technologies, e.g., Ethernet, Wireless LAN, 2G/3G/4G, etc. This united ubiquitous network will consist of billions of mobile devices, each with multiple networking interfaces. These interfaces may belong to a set of diverse link layer technologies. Internet Protocol (IP) shall potentially be used as the inter-networking protocol to bridge this diversity in the underlying wireless link-layer similar to the present wired Internet architecture. However, the traditional IP was not designed for wireless environments and, hence, faces several issues in mobility, multi-homing, user path selection, etc. The basis of most of these issues lies in the problem of contextual overloading of IP addresses to serve as both locators and identifiers.