A Prescription for RFID Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Executive Summary

Today's ePharma RFID systems typically track the location of pills from RFID tags or barcodes, and the change of custody at all change of ownership points. Specifically, the system supports serialized and non-serialized pedigrees, as well as item-level and/or case-level serialization. Any man, woman or child with an e-mail address has likely deleted scores of spam for discounted Viagra from questionable sources. It is a major target for counterfeiters. But Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures the drug, has announced it is using RFID to fight Viagra fakes. Viagra and Trizivir are already tagged in the US. Trizivir an HIV medicine, is one of the 32 drugs listed as most susceptible to counterfeiting and diversion.

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