A Service-Based Methodology for RFID-Smart Objects Interactions in Supply Chain

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Executive Summary

Automatic Data Capture and RFID technologies (Radio Frequency IDentification) can be found in many industrial applications, mostly for product identification and traceability in the supply chain. In this paper, the authors suggest a methodology supported by an environment in which an RFID-tagged product is transformed into a smart object with embedded services and capable of acting by itself and conducting its destiny along its lifecycle. They use the RFID technology to assure automatic identification and communication with a product and UPnP technology (Universal Plug and Play) to allow developing product-to-process interaction, product-to-product interaction, product-to-environment and product-to-user interactions. The paper proposes a methodology based on UPnP Services that aims to give to the product the capabilities to analyze and to control its lifecycle behavior.

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