A Study of Packet Analysis Regarding a DoS Attack in WiBro Environments

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Executive Summary

This paper analyzes the DoS attack traffic on the WiBro network, generates logs and tracebacks the attacker. With attaining the integrity against the packets resulted from the malicious DoS attack, the paper provides the framework to generating forensic data. In the WiBro network environment, the attacker and the victim are the WiBro mobile terminal. The packet analyzers (Cain & Abel, Wireshark and e-Watch Lite) are used to analyze attacks. The DoS attacks are simulated by using hGod.exe and DoS 5.5. And the paper analyzes the protocols (DNS, TCP, HTTP, IP, and ICMP). By showing that the time extracted from the DoS attack packets and the current time from a cellular phone is the same, the integrity is proved.

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