A Survey of Rogue Base Station Attacks in WIMAX/IEEE802.16

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Executive Summary

WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)/IEEE 802.16 is a very promising technology. It is based on Wireless MAN technology. With the growing popularity of WIMAX, the security risks have increased many folds. WiMax is an appealing alternative to wired networks but there exist critical threats including jamming, eavesdropping and modification of management messages, masquerading as BS, and DoS attacks. In this paper, the authors will give an overview of the security architecture of WIMAX. Then they will give an overview of the various kinds of threats viz. Physical Layer and MAC Layer threats, then lists the security requirements of a WIMAX system. Then, they address to problem of a rogue Base Station (BS) in WIMAX/802.16 wireless access networks.

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