A System of Umpires for Security of Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Network

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Executive Summary

A Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is a self-created self-organized and self-administering set of nodes connected via wireless links without the aid of any fixed infrastructure or centralized administrator. Protecting the network layer from malicious attacks is an important and challenging issue in both wired and wireless networks and the issue becomes even more challenging in the case of MANET. In this paper, the authors propose a solution of Umpiring System (US) that provides security for routing and data forwarding operations. Umpiring system consists of three models, are Single Umpiring System (SUS), Double Umpiring System (DUS), and Triple Umpiring System (TUS). In their system each node in the path from source to destination has dual roles to perform: packet forwarding and umpiring.

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