A Three Dimensional Model for Dual Polarized MIMO Channel of the Planar Array Antennas

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Geometry-Based Stochastic Model (GBSM) that describes the excess delay, direction of arrival, and direction of departure of multipath has been used extensively in Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) channel modeling. Many two dimensional and very few Three Dimensional (3D) GBSMs with linear array antennas have appeared in the literature. The models lack properties of the 3D channel for dual polarized planar array antennas, which are practically used in MIMO systems due to its applicability to Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) or beamforming in three spatial dimensions. In this paper, the authors propose the 3D channel model for dual polarized planar array antennas where the departure and arrival angles are modeled in both azimuth and elevation.