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A Two Phased Service Oriented Broker for Replica Selection in Data Grids

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Executive Summary

Replica selection is one of the fundamental problems in Data Grid's environment. This paper's concern is designing a Two phased Service Oriented Broker (2SOB) for replica selection. It is focused on investigating, selecting, modifying, and experimenting with some non-conventional approaches to be applied on the relevant selection techniques. The motivation of this paper is to introduce a novel Service Oriented Broker for Replica Selection in Data Grid. The main characteristics of this 2SOB are: scalability, reliability, availability, efficiency and ease of deployment. 2SOB consists of two phases; the first is a Coarse-grain phase, basically used for sifting replica sites that have low latency (uncongested network links) and distinguishing them from other replicas having a high latency (congested network links).

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