A Virtual Instruction Set Interface for Operating System Kernels

In this paper, the authors propose and evaluate a virtual instruction set interface between an Operating System (OS) kernel and a general purpose processor architecture. This interface is a set of operations added to a previously proposed virtual instruction set architecture called LLVA (Low Level Virtual Architecture) and can be implemented on existing processor hardware. The long-term benefits of such an interface include richer OS-information for hardware, greater flexibility in evolving hardware, and sophisticated analysis and optimization capabilities for kernel code, including across the application-kernel boundary transformations. The interface design (LLVA-OS) contains several novel features for machine-independence and performance, including efficient saving and restoring of (hidden) native state, mechanisms for error recovery, and several primitive abstractions that expose semantic information to the underlying translator and hardware.

Provided by: University of Illinois Topic: Virtualization Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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