Data Management

A Whitepaper on Data Backup & Redundancy Plan Using PCCC's "Drive Rotation Backup" Technique

Date Added: Oct 2009
Format: PDF

Data backup and redundancy plans are often formulated using Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC) drive rotation backup technique. The paper highlights the importance of backups and data redundancy, which most of the customers are aware of but only a few actually practice. It is therefore important for computer users to know that along with backups, it is more important to test the restoration of backup data. The process of restoring a single server from scratch is a long one and can take almost over 40 hours. This also makes the process of testing traditional backups extremely expensive apart from being disruptive to the network and untenable to repeat. With the aim of providing a solution for these problems, PCCC invented a technique called a Drive Rotation Backup. This backup technique has been in use on production servers since 2003, which proves its usability. The paper presents a complete technical overview of the PCCC Drive Rotation Backup. Along with this, it also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. It shows how the PCCC Drive Rotation Backup has been used by various customers. It is important to mention here that the process described in the paper forms a crucial part of customer business continuity plan requirements, something that has been tested through several audits by the Securities and Exchange Commission.