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A World-Class HCM Deserves a World-Class Infrastructure

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Executive Summary

Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) is a leading product in the industry and has evolved over the years to meet customer's increasing requirements. PeopleSoft HCM has been optimized to run best with the Oracle Database and now we present the hardware architecture and optimizations that will allow the software stack run best on Oracleʼs hardware - systems and storage. The acquisition of Sun Microsystems offers customers the opportunity to work with a vendor that can build complete solutions including applications, database, operating environment, servers and storage leveraging the advantage of integration. Engineering teams partner to bring the unique features each technology offers to work together. Oracle's Enterprise SPARC servers and Oracleʼs Solaris operating system offer benefits like security, consolidation, scalability, performance and reliability to a PeopleSoft HCM solution. These benefits are the result of years of experience with infrastructure designed for business applications combined with in-depth understanding of the datacenter. In addition, the Oracle Solaris operating system is the most widely used operating system for Oracle Database server deployments. The introduction of Oracle's FlashFire technology featuring various forms of flash devices is a disruptive technology that allows performance improvements to applications. These performance improvements can be dramatic and with additional benefits such as reduced operational cost of the infrastructure. This paper describes the benefits of integrating Oracle's software and hardware technologies to achieve optimal results in the form of increased performance and reduced cost of operation, lower energy consumption, and smaller footprint.

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